CenturyCasinos Begins Reopening Casino Properties Following Pandemic Shutdown

CenturyCasinos Begins Reopening Casino Properties Following Pandemic Shutdown

CenturyCasinos, one of the most recognisable brands in global entertainment and gaming, has today announced that it has began reopening some of its casino properties following a prolonged and extended shutdown.

At the end of last year, the organisation announced a series of closures in response to the current global pandemic, in which the doors to its casinos were shuttered.

The decision was made following a series of lockdowns and restrictions in the country’s and jurisdictions in which it operates.

However, as of today, the firm has resumed operation to some of its properties in Europe.

Casinos Poland, which is the company’s subsidiary name in Poland, has reopened its eight casino venues today.

The Polish government has given the green light for operators to reopen and resume activity for a limited time period and will reassess the impact at the end of this month.

All casinos in Poland, like in many other country’s, where shuttered at the end of last year following an order from the government of Poland, in its bid to combat the spread of the deadly virus.

Casinos can now start letting customers in to play its onsite casino games and slots at each venue, providing that they adhere to regulations set out by the authorities, including social physical distancing and enhanced health and safety measures.

This temporary reopening of casinos will last until the end of February. However, it is not yet clear whether casinos in Poland can remain open beyond this date.

The reopening of casinos by CenturyCasinos comes almost exactly one month after the company announced an extension of the closures that were reported in December last year.

Other venues within the corporation’s portfolio remain closed around the world in response to restrictions and pandemic measures by local authorities in each jurisdiction, including properties in Canada and the United Kingdom.

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