New casino to be built in New York

New casino to be built in New York

It has been announced today that a new tribal casino is to be built in Long Island, New York by The Shinnecock Indian Nation, a Native American tribe who’s land is the Shinnecock Reservation, within boundaries of Southampton, New York.

The new casino will be constructed on the tribe’s territory, which will include a class II gaming facility and amenities.

According to reports, the casino has been planned to commence building in the summer with the aim of providing an opportunity to lift members of the community from adversity.

In addition, despite refusals from the authorities in New York to meet with the tribe to discuss historic land claims, The Shinnecock Council of Trustees shared the casino schedule at the proposed site to proceed with the new gaming venue on its land, as oppose to other suitable locations on Long Island.

After waiting long enough, the tribe is proceeding with the new casino on its own territory.

Last year, the National Indian Gaming Commission approved plans to operate a class II casino on The Shinnecock Nation’s tribal reservation, which is situated on the east side of Shinnecock Bay.

Reportedly, the plans for a casino have been discussed for the past ten years since the tribe received federal recognition after more than thirty years of pursuing.

However, a series of other casino properties in the vicinity have previously showed concerns or opposed additional New York casinos, which may dilute demand from the market.

Casinos in the area that currently dominate the local market share for the region include Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut and Atlantic City venues that benefit from New York traffic travelling two miles to New Jersey.

The vision of the Shinnecock Council of Trustees is to lift people from the poverty that they are living in and provide an avenue of enjoyment for residents who live in Long Island.

Furthermore, the Shinnecock Indian Nation are looking to harness the opportunities that other Native American nations have taken advantage of along with provide ongoing research, which indicates that the tourism sector will receive a significant boost in the region.

The casino proposals include plans to install a wide variety of casino games in the property along with class II video terminals.

Tri State Partner and Managing Member Jack Morris commented on the news and additional plans for the region:

We are starting with the casino, but we are also looking at multiple options for additional land acquisitions off Territory, potentially including developing waterfront properties and hotels, which the Eastern end of Long Island is lacking.

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