LeoVegas launches new marketing campaign with fictitious chief entertainment officer

LeoVegas launches new marketing campaign with fictitious chief entertainment officer

It has been announced today that leading gaming operator LeoVegas has launched a brand new marketing campaign that will introduce unified communications that are consistent across all of the firm’s active markets.

The campaign will focus heavily on the brand’s mascot Leo and will introduce consumers to a new headquarters known as LeoUniverse with fictitious chief entertainment officer Leo as the new appointee.

This new campaign is designed to combine humour with everyday operations from its commercial setting to bring entertainment to consumers whilst boosting brand recognition and customer acquisition.

By launching the new concept, LeoVegas is inviting potential new players to enter a world of fun and exciting times at LeoUniverse, where they will become familiar with new characters and check out the latest game offerings from the operator.

Brand awareness and recognition is becoming a huge part of the online gaming industry in 2021 and this latest marketing direction puts the operator on course to align itself with the entertainment value of the market and adapt to the changing landscape.

Although the company’s marketing materials and communications will be unified, they will be adapted to individual gaming markets to ensure that the materials meet regulations of each active market.

When it comes to marketing, LeoVegas has always been a responsible and consistent operator that doesn’t focus on shouting the loudest. But instead focuses on a subtle yet entertaining brand building exercise that meets demand, achieves results and is fully compliant with active jurisdictions.

A safe environment is at the heart of this online gambling company’s operations and LeoVegas prides itself on providing this safe environment whilst offering entertainment and exciting times in the world of gaming.

By linking up with an advertising agency in Copenhagen by the name of Uncle Grey, LeoVegas has developed the concept of LeoUniverse and will initiate a series of television campaigns in Denmark and Sweden along with digital marketing campaigns across other channels.

Marketing Production Director at LeoVegas Sarah Krusell commented on the news:

Offering the best customer experience starts with our marketing.

With this new concept, we invite our customers to a completely new ’LeoUniverse’, a world filled with entertainment, excitement, and humour.

We will get to know several new characters but also meet familiar faces from our most popular games.

Our industry has historically not maintained a high enough level when it comes to advertising and marketing.

Instead of being the loudest, we hope to now be able to introduce a concept that people actually appreciate and find entertaining. With more relevant content, we can responsibly build an entertaining brand

Creative Chairman at the advertising agency Uncle Grey Lars Samuelsen also commented:

Working to develop the new global creative concept for LeoVegas it became clear that the heart of their offering is highly aligned with the entertainment industry.

And obviously, their brand universe should be an extension of that feeling.


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