Things to Note About Playing at Canadian Online Casinos

Things to Note About Playing at Canadian Online Casinos

Canadians have access to thousands of online gambling sites. Of course, like anything in this world found in abundance, there are good online casinos and bad ones. Naturally, you are only going to want to play at the absolute best casinos that Canada has to offer. To help you do that, you need to know what to look for. In this guide, we will introduce you to a series of facts that you probably didn’t know about online casinos, each of which should make your online betting experience a more pleasant and well-rounded one. Let us begin…

Make Sure That You Can Play There

While Canadians can play at virtually all major online gambling sites, there are always going to be exceptions. Not every casino is accepting players from Canada, even if this is rare. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to tell. If the online casino accepts the Canadian dollar as a currency or has the Canadian flag next to one of its language options, then it is a safe bet that you can play there. You can also determine if Canadians are accepted at a casino by heading to the terms and conditions page at the site.

A Special Bonus May be Available for Canadians

Any casino which accepts Canadians will usually allow them to claim bonuses and promotions. However, these may not necessarily be the same offers that everybody else gets to claim. Some casinos have specific offers for players in certain countries. It may be that Canadians cannot claim the offers you come across and that there is a unique, entirely different bonus in store for you.

On occasion, the bonus offer may be the same, but the terms attached to it are different depending on whether you claim it with Canadian or US dollars. The value of the bonus is not the only thing that could vary here. Therefore, you must regularly check out the terms and conditions of any offer a casino proposes.

Can You Play All the Games Advertised?

Online casinos can sometimes be quite selective about the games that you can play. Players in some countries may get access to the entire arsenal of games that a site has to offer. On another occasion, players in some countries may miss out on playing games from Developer X, Y or Z, because that software provider does not have a suitable license. This can (although it is rare) apply to Canadian players, too.

The availability of gambling games can vary from country to country. Just because you can see that NetEnt or Microgaming games are offered at a casino does not mean that you will get to play them. On the contrary, the best way to check out which games are “excluded” for Canadians is to head to the terms and conditions page at a site. There will usually be a section detailing this.

Some Live Casino Games Cannot Be Played in French, Too

Just because a Canadian casino offers gameplay in English and French does not mean that you can play live dealer games in the latter. All live casino games can be played in English, but it is not always the case with French. You can inspect this ahead of time by going to the software provider’s website (such as Evolution Gaming) and seeing the available languages for their live dealer table games. This way, you can avoid any nasty surprises after you have signed up.

Canada-Friendly Payment Methods Do Exist

You are not limited to depositing with VISA and MasterCard or some other unwieldy payment methods. Most top Canadian casinos worth their salt will not only accept the Canadian dollar but also provide you with bona fide banking options suitable for players in your country. It is not commonplace to see Interac, Instadebit, and iDebit offered at most online casinos which accept players from Canada. Returning to the CAD currency for just a moment – we would strongly suggest that you play with Canadian dollars. This way, you can avoid currency conversion charges when you deposit or withdraw.

How Do I Discover This Information?

It might sound like a lot of work to find out the necessary information detailed above. It is not. Any useful casino review will disclose all the above information. Moreover, you can usually get the info you need from the casino itself, even before you have signed up there. Both possible options are ideal if you want to jot down a few notes before you commit to playing at one Canadian online casino over another. This way, you will not be surprised after you have decided to deposit your hard-earned cash.

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