Hot Trends: Online Casinos

Hot Trends: Online Casinos

Online casinos have changed dramatically over the past ten years. This is mostly due to advances in technology and the shift towards mobile gambling. But more recently, the change has been amplified and sped up by the global pandemic, which is said to have begun in late 2019 through 2020 and 2021.

One of the main reasons why the change in the online gaming industry has been so quick is because many local offline casinos were forced to close as a measure towards assisting the end of the pandemic.

With that said, people’s gambling habits and behaviours have changed and adapted to the new online gambling landscape, which in turn has resulted in the increase of online and mobile gambling considerably.

In fact, many gambling operators and local casino owners have been forced to adapt to the online market or risk going bust.

So in an industry that was already experiencing change, the trend of playing casino games like slots and live roulette has become the norm online, with some operators launching their own mobile gaming apps.

In light of this mobile gambling trend, more people have invested in mobile technology with fast connectivity so that they can enjoy their favourite casino games such as video poker and live blackjack on their mobile cell phones. Therefore, it is no surprise that the hottest trend in the online casino world at the moment is mobile casino gambling.

Trending casino sites around the world

Whether we are talking about Europe, Australia, Asia, America or the Canadian gambling market, the world is experiencing similar trends in casinos that are spreading like wild-fire.

Along with online betting, online casino gaming for real money is one of the most popular hobbies and recreational activities at the moment, partly as a means of escape from boredom and to change the same mundane routine experienced every day of the week.

Below is a list of the hottest online casinos at present that are all meeting increased demand across the globe and providing real money games to play with free bonuses.

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In particular, live online casino games have experienced a sharp increase in activity and software providers such as Evolution and Pragmatic Play are in high-demand.

These software companies provide a suite of games that can be integrated in to online casinos, such as live roulette and blackjack, live baccarat and novelty games that are presented in real time like a TV game-show with a real human host.

Due to the popularity of live casino games, online casinos have been striking partnerships with live game providers so that they can integrate live dealer games to their platform for new and existing players to play.

Live online casinos provide a taste of the real casino experience that is being sorely missed at present due to casino closures, and offers players the chance to interact with the game host, dealer or croupier, along with other real players.

Hottest trends in online gambling

Along with increased online casino activity, including mobile devices, and increased live casino gaming, there are other top hot trends that are continuing to soar as we progress through 2021.

These hot trends include cryptocurrency casinos online, e-sports gambling, social casinos and progressive jackpots.

Without a doubt the most popular trend out of this list is cryptocurrency casinos, which have increased tenfold over the last decade. More currencies have resulted in more popularity and demand, which has resulted in new Bitcoin casinos being launched, along with existing operators expanding their payment options to include the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Futuristic trends in 2021

Over the past five years, the online casino industry is evolving in to a real casino alternative through the use of virtual reality. This VR technology has enabled casino operators to provide a realistic and thrilling experience without being in a casino. With virtual reality online casinos, players can feel like they are in a real casino and play games on the virtual casino floor. The best part is that games are not limited to live titles such as roulette, but have a variety of other games at their disposal, including slots and video poker, which are played at virtual gaming machine terminals.

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