Are social casinos just a funnel for real money gambling?

Are social casinos just a funnel for real money gambling?

As the interactive division of Novomatic, Greentube launches its brand new social casino, many people are asking the question of whether social casinos are just a funnel for real money gambling?

The new Greentube Pro 2.0 has been announced today, which is an enhanced version of the brand’s social casino developed by a company called Bluebat Games.

Bluebat Games is a subsidiary of Greentube and is highlighting that the new solution will be able to provide a bridge between land-based offline casinos and its customers, so that the two can be engaged at numerous times.

According to reports, the new product is being launched to maximise and monetise a number of features so that players are better engaged with casino brands, which in turn will maximise revenue for the operators.

In addition, the platform will also amplify casino experiences with existing players to increase and improve retention levels.

Much like an online or mobile casino, a social casino is carefully developed to provide access to some of the gaming industry’s leading games, without actually wagering real money.

The selection of games and features provided with the new Greentube offering already have a proven track-record within the social casino sector and the platform has undergone a series of adjustments so that it appeals more to land based casino players.

Additionally, the suite of games on the social casino are integrated from five different software developers and provide an offering of more than 180 titles to enjoy.

Being first to take advantage of the new offering is The Star Entertainment Group, which will be integrating and launching the offering in Australia so that Aussie players can enjoy social casino games based on real money variants towards the end of this year.

Reportedly, this new enhanced social casino has been developed to bring land based casino games to digital devices, making the games exclusive and closely linked with each casino venue.

During the recovery from the unprecedented times, casino operators will be able to utilise the new product to remind and engage players with the offerings that are available on the casino floors.

In turn, the integrated tools are designed to engage players and improve player retention, particularly during periods of downtime, such as casino closures or when sat at home.

So although the platform has been created with the view of boosting revenue and maximising retention, no money is wagered as the social casino mechanics still remain.

So are casinos using the guise of social apps to market their real money offering? This is a question that is certainly up for debate, but one that does not have definitive answer. However, social casino products appeal to both real money players and those that wish to stay away from wagering. Ultimately, despite the encouragement and reminders, the decision lies with the player.

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