Mobile casino games are one of the largest revenue generators

Mobile casino games are one of the largest revenue generators

When compared to over one-hundred different categories of mobile games and apps on Android and IOS, casino games are ranked as one of the largest for generating revenue.

Despite many apps providing social casino games, the revenue generated from this category is still huge when compared to other categories within app stores.

This is in part due to the severe popularity of casino games on mobile and people’s love for them across the globe, including slots and poker.

Mobile casino games tend to provide a taste of what is going on in the casino world and often many social casino platforms feature games that are a variant of their real money counterparts.

Today a report has revealed that mobile casino games have been highly successful in the United States despite online gambling being illegal in many states. By providing access to casino games such as roulette and video slots, players are able to enjoy games without wagering real money.

According to the latest figures for the past three months of 2020, the casino games category was responsible for almost twenty-percent of total revenue within the market, making it only second to match three puzzle games.

Overall, there has been a substantial amount of activity in mobile casino games for both real money and for fun, but they both share similarities in the sense that slots, poker and bingo are the most popular sub-categories.

Of course, slots games are consistently above other types of casino game in the ranking charts, as expected, with over three-quarters of the market share.

Within this category, mobile casino operators are able to develop and integrate a series of features and mechanics that engage the user and provide retention qualities so that lifespan is preserved.

The top five most popular features that are being integrated in to mobile casino games and replicated in social casinos are; live events, progressive jackpots, leader-boards and league tables, cash builder and daily quests.

Collectibles are also becoming widely popular in mobile casino apps and are a very useful tool for improving player engagement and retention. This is due to the entertainment value and is used as an incentive for returning to play the following day and so on.

Many tools and features can be configured so that they do not interfere with gameplay. Instead they run in conjunction to the suite of games and game modes on the side and do not affect a players money balance.

The casino collection mechanic, also known as reward builders, are found in almost every top performing mobile casino app available on IOS and Android.

Many online casino operators are using mobile casino apps to not only boost engagement, but to analyse market trends and player activity. This allows popular features to be replicated across real money gaming and provides the ideal bridge between playing for fun and playing for real money. In light of this, casinos are able to monetise their platforms more efficiently and effectively.

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