Why casinos are locking down again in Europe

Why casinos are locking down again in Europe

Over the past twelve months, casino venues across the globe have been one of the most heavily disrupted businesses of any industry.

From full closures on a temporary basis, to the introduction of special health and safety measures, the gaming and hospitality industry, in which casinos are apart of, have experienced a roller coaster of unprecedented times.

In light of this, casino operators in parts of the world such as Australian, New Zealand, the United States, UK and European nations have adapted their day to day business to accommodate the disruptions and comply with government ministers and authorities in preventing the spread of Covid-19.

There has been some progress in reducing the spread of the virus across different parts of the world, but despite the return to some form of normality, things are taking another unexpected turn.

Which is why the casinos are locking down again in Europe.

Century Casinos, one of the largest global casino operator brands, has announced that it is closing its venue in Poland, again, as part of a compliance of quarantine measures issued by the government of Poland.

Effective immediately, the Polish casino is closed and will not re-open until 9th April 2021, providing that no extensions are added to the closure term.

In Europe, the impact of Coronavirus is fluctuating and constantly evolving, which has resulted in some casinos remaining closed, particularly in the UK, to prevent the resurgence of the deadly virus ripping through communities once more.

It is not yet clear how many more casinos will shut their doors again over the coming days and weeks, or whether the properties that are still shuttered will open for business any time soon.

One factor that is clear, is that it is not only the casino operators that are missing out on revenue due to being shuttered, but local governments too.

Local casinos contribute a large portion of tax revenue to governments across Europe and beyond and with every week that properties are closed, results in more and more lost revenue streams.

An example of this outside of Europe is that for the entire twelve month period last year, Cambodia casino tax revenue declined by over half.

As Europe battles a third wave of Covid-19, the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned British citizens that it is likely that the third wave will also impact the United Kingdom.

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