Will more casinos follow Sycuan in offering free Covid-19 vaccines?

Will more casinos follow Sycuan in offering free Covid-19 vaccines?

As the global roadmap to normality becomes clear in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses in the gaming and hospitality sector are putting plans in place for the return of operations, particularly in casinos and casino resorts in the United States and other parts of the world.

With that said, following yesterday’s announcement by the Sycuan Casino Resort to host an event providing free vaccinations, many people are asking if other casinos will follow in their footsteps.

Over 500 employees at the casino resort, including the casino and golf resort took part in the event and received the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, with a second dose being scheduled for the coming weeks.

As part of the recovery following the health crisis, people are able to feel safe and confident attending their workplace and by receiving a free vaccine allows people to return to work and restore some form of normality.

Will more casinos, particularly in the United States provide Covid-19 vaccines for free?

Only time will tell.

However, those at most risk are being urged to ask their employer if they plan to roll out any similar events or programs that will see casinos re-open and players return to play their favourite casino games in a safe environment.

According to reports, Sycuan is looking to work closely with other tribal governments, some of which also have casinos on their land, to roll out a similar vaccination event to members.

The latest figures out of the United states show that there have been more than 58 thousand new cases of the virus reported across the country.

Sycuan Casino Resort is situated in California and reportedly there have been a total of thirty-million Coronavirus cases in the state, approximately 2400 of which are new cases, which have resulted in more than one-hundred deaths.

The casino resort is home to one of the most popular casinos in the region and offers a variety of table games, Asian games, bingo, poker and slots, many of which have high limits.

Gambling in the high limit gaming lounge is ideal for high roller players who are seeking the exclusive casino experience with big money wagering on slots and casino games.

When more casino properties re-open, following the roll-out of vaccinations, it is expected that there will still be some measures in place to stop the spread of the deadly virus, including reduced capacity, face coverings and social physical distancing.

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