Bitcoin Casinos: Are They Safe?

Bitcoin Casinos: Are They Safe?

Any beginner casino players that are new to online gaming will no doubt have questions about Bitcoin casinos and whether they are safe to play at.

The reality is, despite this digital money not having a central bank or admin, it has cemented itself as a currency of the modern world with as much value as regular currencies such as pounds, euro or dollars.

In fact, with only a small bit of knowledge, it is easy to grasp what Bitcoin is and how it is safely used in online gambling with the same opportunities for winning money as traditional currencies.

Although Bitcoin does not have a physical form, such as a coin or note, it does hold the same value as any other currency and is classed as real money in the gaming world, which can be used to bet online and on mobile.

After all, Bitcoin is already widely used by modern online casinos that offer hybrid payment options or dedicated cryptocurrency casinos that accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and others.

It can be used to play games such as slots, roulette and blackjack as well as be wagered on sports.

Bitcoin is also fairly easy to convert in to traditional local currencies should anyone wish to withdraw physical cash from their bank account.

Trusted casinos that accept Bitcoin

Any casino player that is looking for a trusted casino site that accepts Bitcoin is always advised to do their research.

This advice is no different for anyone looking for a regular casino operator that accepts traditional payments and currencies.

So, now that they are considered to be on the same page, we move to the question of how safe are Bitcoin casinos and do players trust them?

The short answer is yes, players trust Bitcoin casinos. The long answer is that players trust them because they offer the exact same experience and level of security as any other online casino, providing that the operator is reputable, licensed and regulated.

Therefore, regardless of whether you are gambling in Bitcoin or Euro, it would be strongly recommended to check that the operator is reputable, which includes at least 12 months of being established plus customer reviews, licensed to operator online gambling services and regulated by an authority within the jurisdiction in which it is active.

A perfect example of an online casino meeting all of the above criteria is, which has been in operation for years and provides one of the safest cryptocurrency gambling experiences online.

Use the checklist below as part of your research to learn more about Bitcoin casinos and verify their safety before you play.

Safe and secure Bitcoin casino checklist

As with most things in 2021, there will always be someone out there trying to scam you. So by using the safe and secure Bitcoin casino checklist below, you will be able to avoid rogue operators and scammers.

License and regulation

Regardless of whether an operator accepts Bitcoin or Dollars, all online casinos should hold a license to operate and be regulated by a local authority in which the operating company is registered. This not only ensures the safety and fairness of the casino but also reassures players.


Safe Bitcoin casinos should always have important company or operator information in the footer of their casino site. They should also display details of any independent testing of games so that players know they are provably fair.

Account funding and winnings withdrawals

Bitcoin casinos always accept deposits in Bitcoin, which is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. However, they should also allow players to withdraw winnings in Bitcoin and state clearly how long transactions will take.

Responsive player support

Need help? You should be able to contact your Bitcoin casino via a variety of methods if it is serious about safety and support. Common methods include email, telephone and live chat.


If you have found a safe Bitcoin casino, the next step is to verify its reputation and safety with real customer reviews from existing and past players along with casino guides and trusted independent sources.

Conclusion on why Bitcoin casinos are safe

To conclude, Bitcoin casinos are safe if they are licensed and regulated. Once you know that they are licensed and regulated, you can play games for Bitcoin safe in the knowledge that your money is safe, your account information is safe and that there is no greater risk of being scammed than other online casinos.

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