Launches New VIP Cashback Program Launches New VIP Cashback Program

In the online casino world, earning loyalty rewards or comp points can sometimes be a mundane task.

We all know how it goes, play through a set number of games and receive a specific amount of loyalty points based on the amount of money wagered.

However, there’s a new loyalty program in town and it is taking the online gaming industry by storm. has launched a brand new VIP cashback program that rewards players with juicy treats and rewards as they embark on an adventure of levelling up through the quirky world of a fictional island.

In keeping with the quirky theme of the website, allows players to feel the benefits of being a very important person and take a trip through the island’s zones and levels, whilst picking up free spins and cashback along the way.

Play and get cashback

Bucking the trend

Cashback bonuses are becoming increasingly popular in the digital world, particularly with online casinos, whereby they give players back some of the cash they have lost if things don’t go their way.

This type of casino bonus is usually offered by online casinos that have loyalty reward programs.

But the program doesn’t usually stretch far from showing a basic table or chart with the level of points required to earn cashback.

Luckily for players of, they can enjoy a new style of cashback gaming that bucks the trend and offers a quirky and exciting cashback program that is filled with both cash and free spins on slots.

This means that, not only will players get a percentage of their own cash back, but they will also receive free spins on slots. Giving them more chances to win for free.

The free spin amounts increase in to bigger increments for regular players as they progress through the thrilling VIP cashback program, which is depicted as an island in which a journey takes place.

Claiming cashback on the program

By becoming a casino player of and playing regularly, players will embark on a VIP quest to travel around a series of islands and earn rewards with their very own mascot character.

Cashback bonuses are generally paid daily, weekly or monthly in the online casino world and the rewards vary depending on the level of membership.

For example, the basic membership on the program is set at just 1000 points, which is more than reasonable for a VIP program. This basic level comes with 100 free spins on slots.

There are a total of five zones to travel around on your journey with the top level offering a very generous 10% cashback plus a massive amount of free spins totalling 5000!

The great benefit about this new casino VIP cashback program is that players can play in a number of local currencies for real money, including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and there are no hidden bonus codes required.

This means that there is no exclusivity for people who have been lucky enough to find a bonus code. Instead, everyone is treated as an equal VIP and given the same chance to earn top rewards.

Lifetime cashback offers and rewards

Unlike some online casinos, does not limit the amount of time a player has to earn cashback and rewards. Instead, more freedom is provided to players that are on the new cashback program so that they get the full VIP treatment without feeling rushed or restricted.

Additionally, some cashback deals come with terms and conditions that are not very attractive, such as time limits or caps on the amount you can earn.

However, by playing with a trusted cashback casino that gives greater freedom, players can receive ongoing cashback offers for the lifetime of their play.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if a player has been a member for one month or seven years, they will still be able to earn cashback and rewards such as free spins regularly.

So rest assured with the new casino cashback program that is Bitcoin friendly and get some money back in to your account. Rewards and offers are common in the online gaming world, but cashback to play casino games like roulette and blackjack along with free spins can be lucrative.

Play and get cashback

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