Best online casinos with lightning roulette

Best online casinos with lightning roulette

The live casino game Lightning Roulette is currently one of the most popular variants of roulette online and is a popular game in many different countries from Europe to America to Australia and beyond.

Evolution, formerly known as Evolution Gaming, is the mastermind gaming provider behind this famous roulette game, where players can enjoy a host of features from multipliers to lucky numbers and big payouts.

Unlike traditional online roulette that relies completely on a random number generator, Lightning Roulette is a hybrid variant that is played in real-time with a live dealer, but with advanced game mechanics and random number generating computers to determine the outcome.

As Lightning Roulette is so popular, we constantly monitor the gaming market to see which are the best online casinos offering this award winning title in 2021. So read on to find out the best sites to play at and the best lightning roulette bonuses to claim.

Best Lightning Roulette casinos in 2021

At online casinos that are partnered with Evolution, players are able to find a number of live games to play for money. However, Lightning Roulette is one of the most popular games at the moment and almost all casinos are lining up to integrate this amazing variation of roulette.

So what are the best online casinos with Lightning Roulette and why are they better than the others?

The following online casinos are partnered with Evolution and offer Lightning Roulette as a game to play for money. Playing is easy, simply choose your casino, make a cash deposit, select Lightning Roulette and start betting on numbers.

Lightning Roulette at Kingdom Casino

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Lightning Roulette at Live Casino

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Lightning Roulette at Cleopatra Casino

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For anyone who is unfamiliar with how live roulette works, the game is played in real-time using live web streaming from a casino or studio to a players device. Lightning Roulette is hosted by a real live dealer who doubles up as a presenter of the game, whereby players can chat and interact as they play.

The best online casinos offering Lightning Roulette are those that allow players to play the game on any device they choose, including computers, a table or mobile phone.

Difference between Lightning Roulette and normal roulette

Lightning Roulette offers an electric live casino experience and is set on a stunning backdrop that captures each player and keeps them on the edge of their seats.

The roulette variant oozes class and is extremely easy to play, making it an instant hit with roulette fans around the world.

With a European roulette wheel at the heart of the game, players can place bets on numbers zero through to 36. During each game-round, lucky numbers are randomly selected before each spin of the roulette wheel, which correspond to the numbers on the table.

These lucky numbers are assigned a Lightning Roulette bonus payout at random, which comes in the form of a multiplier. Multipliers in Lightning Roulette are worth between 50 and 500 times your bet.

Therefore, if your chosen number is selected as a lucky number, you will receive between 50 and 500 times the amount wagered.

Aside from a unique style of gameplay and a stunning casino setting with lightning backdrop, players are also amazed at the outstanding sound effects and immersive graphics that are broadcast live in high definition.

The best Lightning Roulette online casinos are the sites that offer this amazing game from Evolution with the chance to claim an abundance of bonuses and player benefits, such as promotions, cashback, tournaments and loyalty points based on the value of your bets.

By combining live dealer gaming with a random number generator, Lightning Roulette is able to provide roulette players with the best of both worlds so that they can enjoy this fast-paced, exciting variant that is completely random and fair.

Lightning Roulette FAQ

Can Lightning Roulette be played for free?

Lightning Roulette is a real money game and can only be played for free if the casino offers a live casino bonus. Players can watch the action but are unable to place bets for free.

Do strategies work on Lightning Roulette?

Some players prefer to use strategies when playing any form of roulette. Lightning Roulette is no different and does not come with any special tips or strategies.

What is the best feature of Lightning Roulette?

Lightning Roulette offers lucky numbers for enhanced winnings and payouts in the form of multipliers.

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