Best online casinos for Australian high rollers

Best online casinos for Australian high rollers

In the Australian casino scene, the term high roller made headlines when a Chinese casino player by the name of Chan played big and won big in Australia, landing over ten million dollars playing table games.

The story shocked the general public and some people in the casino industry as well as making local and national news.

However, high rollers in Australia are much more common than people think in 2021, and some Aussie players are even classed as high rollers without knowing it.

The fact is, a high roller casino player is any player that enjoys playing casino games for big money. This may include high stakes, high total betting limits or big limit games that start at a high threshold, such as $50-$200 minimum bet.

Best high roller casinos for Aussies

High roller casinos are some of the most rewarding sites on the regulated gaming market. The best casinos tend to be the sites that offer high stakes games, big money bonuses and fast payouts on winnings.

With that said, the following high roller casinos have been narrowed down from a large selection so that the decision about where to play high roller games is easier for you.

Whether you live in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia or Western Australia, it is worth bearing in mind that when playing at these high roller casinos, you will be in with a chance of winning thousands of dollars.

Top online casinos for high rollers in 2021 include Kingdom Casino, Cleopatra Casino and Bitcoin Casino.

1. Kingdom Casino

High roller bonus: $600

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2. Cleopatra Casino

High roller bonus: $4000

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3. Bitcoin Casino

High roller bonus: $4000

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Who is classed as a high roller in Australia?

When we talk about high rollers, we are not talking about players who visit their local casino with $100 in their pocket, or players who wager $20 per week online. We are talking about Aussies with serious cash in their bank ready to enjoy some big money games with four and five figure sums.

To give you an idea of the amount of dollars we are talking about, locally in Australia, the biggest talking point on the high roller scene is The Star casino’s big $250 million high roller room for VIP and high roller players. The type of big money players can wager is as much as $100k per hand on table games!

However, online high rollers in Australia are becoming more commonplace, though the amounts don’t quite match as high as the example above.

Instead, Australian casino players are considered high rollers when they make large deposits to their online casino accounts in the region of $1000 upwards on a regular basis, such as daily or weekly.

Additionally, high roller players like to deposit big and play big, meaning that the casino games must accept large wagers per game round.

This means that online slots, or pokies, for Australian players must allow bets per spin of between $50 and $200.

For table games, table limits must be high so that big money Aussies stay interested and are in with a chance of winning big money that not only matches their deposits, but needs and aspirations.

Table games for Australian high roller players such as roulette, baccarat and blackjack allow bets of $100 all the way up to $50,000 per betting round.

Australian high roller FAQ

What are the benefits of playing at a high roller casino in Australia?

The best online casinos for Australian high rollers provide large amounts of money to be bet and won on casino games. They also provide big money bonuses, VIP treatment, faster withdrawals and exclusive promotions for high roller players that are not available to low rollers.

Are Australian high roller casinos the same as normal casinos?

No. Not all casinos are adapted for high rollers. High roller casinos also accept low rollers, but have a dedicated team that provide special deals and offers and high stakes games with betting limits between $100 and $50,000.

What games are available at high roller casinos for Australians?

The best online casinos provide a good selection of high limit table games, such as roulette, baccarat and blackjack, along with high stakes slots or pokies with bets of $50 up to $5000 per spin.

What are the characteristics of a high roller in Australia?

Aussie players who love to deposit thousands of dollars and play games with a minimum bet level of $100. High rollers also want to experience fast withdrawals on winnings, which is why they only play with serious high roller casinos who can afford to pay-out.

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