Gambling growth potential in emulating mainstream gaming experiences

Gambling growth potential in emulating mainstream gaming experiences

Analysis has come to light within the iGaming and betting industry that in order to explore further the massive growth potential of the industry and of attracting new audiences, operators and software providers should look to emulate the trends and behaviours experienced within the mainstream gaming industry.

According to data found online, younger people who are of legal gambling age find playing casino games less attractive because they see no reason, or attraction, to do so.

People in the age bracket of the minimum gambling age of 18, or 21 in some regions, and the age of 29 are said to engage less in online gambling than those over the age of 30.

However, one of the core reasons for this is that the iGaming industry is simply not offering the appealing gameplay from titles or entertainment that they are finding elsewhere.

Therefore, it is imperative for online casinos and other gambling sites to not only appeal to a wider audience for growth, but to adapt to an ever-changing industry that demands more from gambling.

Undoubtedly, players gamble on games such as video slots and roulette because they want to be entertained, whilst potentially winning money.

But for those people who are not avid gamblers, the attraction is not there.

Although, some of the newer, independent games studios are recognising current trends and creating games that they feel appeal to a new age audience, and this is reflected at some online casinos in Europe.

However, for truly sustainable growth in 2021 and beyond, online casinos need to offer more so that the present and future demands of emerging potential players are met, rather than focusing too heavily on an ageing audience.

Additionally, by following local trends in mainstream gaming, online casinos will be able to satisfy both older and younger players by offering a diverse game offering.

Some of the behaviours and trends from the latest analysis show that players within the mainstream gaming community want to see solutions that are mobile based, social and streamed online, along with the possibility of virtual reality gambling.

By engaging with new trends, behaviours and technology, the industry holds massive potential for the best online casinos to adapt and attract new players from all over the world.

One particular software developer that is proven to be a big hit within the modern gambling market is Inspired Entertainment, which recognises the importance of offering a diverse selection of titles. With that said, some of the most popular product verticals with younger legal audiences include interactive video slots and virtual sports, including horse racing and soccer.


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