Evoplay releases new innovative casino game PlingoBall

Evoplay release new innovative casino game PlingoBall

iGaming developer Evoplay, known for its exciting and innovative games, has released a brand new casino game PlingoBall.

PlingoBall is a hybrid game that reminds players of the wonders of bingo and keno whilst delivering a slot style experience.

About PlingoBall

In the PlingoBall game, two beautiful girls – Melissa and Miranda – are gathered under the evening sky, ready to assist players in taking home massive wins.

Our charming assistants throw balls out of seashells in order to help players find targets on boxes with the indicated multipliers, which will instantly increase their bet.

The real excitement comes with the opportunity for players to decide on the game’s complexity and risk level that will determine their prize.

The bigger the field and the risk is, the higher the number of obstacles and the coefficient and frequency of the multiplier! Ready to get your winning ball hit with the biggest multipliers? Melissa and Miranda are waiting for you in our PlingoBall instant game!

PlingoBall Features

Complexity level

Players can decide on the game’s complexity, where they can change the size of the playing field from 10 to 16 rows in height.

Risk level

There are three types of risk level: Low, Normal, or High.

Bonus game

The Bonus game takes place on the biggest field, where players may see obstacles highlighted in a different color. If the ball touches one of them, the player will immediately receive a reward that amounts to your bet, multiplied by 11.

Progress on the game field

When playing on any field except for the largest, a player can see the progress bar which each time is replenished by 1 point.

Each field has its own separate recharge indicator, and when the entire scale is full, a player will receive a random bonus. In total, 100 points are needed to be scored for one field.

Play PlingoBall

Play the new PlingoBall game from Evoplay at recommended Evoplay casinos and get a free bonus upon first deposit.

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