Best online casinos for American high rollers

Best online casinos for American high rollers

High roller players are common in America and are given VIP treatment when they arrive. In fact, some casino operators invite and encourage high rollers to attend their casino venue in prestigious locations such as Las Vegas.

Some players are even provided with a special private jet to transport them to and from their home-town so that they can play big money casino games on the casino floor.

When they arrive at the casino, usually by limousine, they are met with gratitude and provided with complimentary services and prestigious facilities.

However, in recent times, many of these high roller players have been unable to gamble or attend casinos, which has impacted both the player and operator.

In light of this, American high rollers are choosing to play games online for big money instead. This comes in the form of huge cash deposits being deposited in to an online casino account and met with a match bonus of at least double money. With this money, high roller players have been able to gamble on slots and table games to fill the void left by the offline brick and mortar casinos.

In the casino world, both online and offline, many players aspire to be high rollers and one success story that is famous in the USA is that of Dan Bilzerian, who made millions playing poker in casinos.

High rollers like Bilzerian earn the title by using huge sums of cash to bet big amounts on games that can potentially return a huge jackpot or payout.

In light of this, online casinos treat high rollers favourably and reward them with big money bonuses that are unique and exclusive to them, along with prizes, treats and enhanced services.

Once a person learns to understand what a high roller is and the benefits available to them, it is worth determining the best site for high rollers to play at, which in turn sheds more light on to the understanding of high rollers within the online gaming industry.

It is worth noting that there are hundreds of reviews online featuring online casinos, but not all of them cater for American high rollers. So, once we have established the best sites to play at, we will look more closely at what makes a casino site suitable for high rollers and the difference between them and low rollers.

1. Sloto Cash Casino

High roller bonus: $4000

Top games: Voodoo Magic, Cash Bandits, Lucha Libre, Sweet 16

High roller benefits: Complimentary points, cashback and daily promotions.

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2. Miami Club Casino

High roller bonus: $4000

Top games: Legend of Singing Fan, Bigfoot, Monster Money, The Last King of Egypt

High roller benefits: Exclusive rewards, rebates and bonuses.

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3. Uptown Aces Casino

High roller bonus: $4000

Top games: Samba Sunset, High Fashion, Bubble Bubble, Eternal Love

High roller benefits: Huge deposits, complimentary points and cashback.

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Each website caters for high rollers by offering several components and aspects that make it suitable for high roller players in the United States. There is sometimes a qualification process that players need to go through before they are considered a high roller, but more often than not casino operators can see these types of players after just hours of playing based on their deposit and bet amounts.

What makes these the best online casinos for American high rollers?

American high rollers want to be able to deposit large amounts of money so that they can gamble online. They also want to be able to play casino games and slots with large wagers without too many restrictions or limits.

Additionally, American high rollers expect to be treated favourably at online casinos with a dedicated account manager and enhanced services such as fast withdrawals of winnings.

By using our expertise and guidance, players can find the best high roller casinos in the USA that are not only legal, but accommodate for big money US players.

What are the best games for high rollers to play at American online casinos?

The best games for high rollers to play are those that allow big bets individually and big wagers over the entire playing session.

Some of the best games include online video slots that allow players to bet up to $200 per spin, which ultimately allows them to bet thousands of dollars per minute. Other games that are popular with American players at high roller casinos include high limit blackjack and high stakes roulette. These table games allow high rollers to place wagers up to $10,000 per hand and per spin, allowing them to bet up to $100,000 within five minutes of playing.

To put this kind of money in to perspective, a blackjack hand worth $10,000 could return a potential amount of $25,000 each time, and a roulette win on American roulette with a $5000 single number bet could return $185,000.

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