Playtech link-up with AMC Networks

Playtech link-up with AMC Networks

One of the world’s largest online gambling software providers, Playtech, has linked up with AMC Networks in a new partnership deal that will see the development of a new range of slots.

So what does this deal mean for the two companies and consumers?

The new partnership will provide Playtech with exclusive rights to popular branded titles from AMC and WE, which will allow the leading software developer to create games based on a variety of popular hits.

Online gaming experiences will be created by Playtech that will incorporate titles such as Bridezillas, The Walking Dead and Marriage Boot Camp.

Millions of fans

Although the deal has been signed today, in the second quarter of 2021, the first game release featuring these brands is not expected to go live until the fourth quarter of this year and in to 2022.

Playtech is continuing its growth and expansion strategy and striking quality deals in order to provide consistent content that provides ultimate gambling experiences for operators and players alike.

By agreeing this deal, Playtech is able to develop yet another unique line of casino games that are guaranteed to be a hit with millions of fans around the world.

In fact, The Walking Dead is one of the most watched television franchises in the history of cable TV in the United States.

Unique and exclusive

Shows, which the new games will be designed around, are still current and broadcasting on television at this moment in time.

Playtech is honoured that AMC has chosen the developer as the exclusive partner for this deal and will allow the firm to create the games based around its flagship brands.

The developer has a solid reputation in providing the highest quality of exclusive games that now other development firm can match.

This also shows that Playtech, despite its long-standing history, is still leading the way in the online gaming market and adapting its strategies to stay relevant and keep up with current trends.

The Walking Dead is absolutely huge in terms of viewership and its audience is loyal and passionate. This makes for the perfect opportunity to hit the ground running with a range of slot games and titles that are expected to instantly fascinate enthusiasts.

These flagship branded games will undoubtedly compliment Playtech’s existing portfolio and reputation and allow the talented team behind the scenes to really bring the brands to life.

It is anticipated that a world class online gaming experience will be provided with the development of products around these action-filled games that build excitement and entertainment combined with explosive experiences.

The Walking Dead slot, Bridezillas slot, Marriage Boot Camp slot? Are just some of the suggestions that are being passed around. Though it is not yet clear what the games will be called or what their format will be.


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