Best online casinos for Norwegian high rollers

Best online casinos for Norwegian high rollers

Norway is a Nordic country in the North of Europe that has a history of gambling, including online and mobile.

Many Norwegians enjoy gambling online at a variety of different online casinos that are located within the boundaries of Norway and offshore.

These casinos attract all types of players and are particularly popular with high roller players.

With that said, these casinos are known as high roller casinos and are often the best service providers for high rollers who are looking to bet large amounts of money, either in Euro or Norwegian krone.

Norwegian high roller casinos are casino sites in Norway that accommodate players that are either looking to claim big money bonuses or bet on games that allow high stakes and high limits.

So let’s take a look at the current high roller casinos for Norwegian players that are trending so far this year and the promotions available:

Cleopatra Casino is a high roller casino for Norwegian players and is offering €4000 free as a first deposit bonus. This means that high rollers can deposit €4000 and get €4000 free, giving a total of €8000.

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Kingdom Casino is a high roller casino that accepts players from Norway and is giving away bonuses of €600. This casino site has a large selection of high roller games, including slots, which allow high stakes and high betting limits.

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Fastpay Casino is popular with Norwegian high rollers because it processes all payments very fast. This allows large amounts of cash to be deposited quickly by High rollers and have fast access to any winnings, including large sums of money paid out on games such as roulette and slots.

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Best casino games for high rollers in Norway

Whether a player is using Euro currency or NOK, online casinos that accommodate high roller players allow them to deposit huge sums of money in to their player account so that they can place bets online.

The best casino games currently available for high rollers in Norway at the sites above include:

– High limit online blackjack with side bets

– High stakes roulette with large limits on straight bets

– High limit online slots with bets up to 200 per spin

Today, most online casinos can accommodate a certain level of high stakes gambling, but nothing compared to true online casinos for high rollers that are used to dealing with big money players every day.

There are various slots, table games and video poker titles available, some of which can be combined with high roller bonuses and VIP bonuses that Norwegian players can claim.

Online casinos often work with game development companies in Norway and other regions to develop a selection of games that are specifically made for high rollers, or games that are adapted to suit the style of high bets.

Top games providers that are known in high roller circles in Norway include Microgaming, RTG, Playtech and Wazdan among others.

Norway high roller casino FAQ

How do you choose a high roller casino in Norway?

To choose a high roller casino in Norway, simply pick one site from the recommended list above so that you are guaranteed to have access to high roller bonuses and high roller games. Else, search online for other high roller casinos that are reputable and provide big money gaming in Norway.

What is the best high roller casino bonus?

A good high roller casino bonus in Norway should provide a minimum bonus of 5000 Norwegian Krone. The best bonus currently on offer is Cleopatra Casino, which provides a welcome bonus of approximately NOK 41k.

What are the best high roller slots for Norwegian players?

The best online slots for Norwegian high rollers are games that have high limit bets per line and high limit bets per spin. For example, a 5 bet per line on a 50 line slot will allow a maximum stake of 250 per spin. This would then allow players to bet 1000 every 10 seconds of gameplay on average.

What are progressive jackpots for high rollers?

Progressive jackpot games are games, usually slots, that offer a pooled jackpot across a network of different games. Prizes can stretch in to their millions and make high rollers millionaires over night.

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