Genting Group opens new mega casino resort in Las Vegas

Genting Group opens new mega casino resort in Las Vegas

One of the world’s largest casino operators based in Malaysia, Genting Group, has today opened a brand new, highly anticipated mega casino resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, following an investment worth over $4billion.

According to reports, the resort is the most expensive casino and hospitality resort in Las Vegas and has made history due to its size and nature of investment.

Las Vegas, the gambling capital of America, has recently experienced one of the most challenging times in its recent years of operation due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Reportedly, figures have been a record lows from time to time throughout the pandemic and have been reported as dropping by as much as fifty percent on typical numbers.

As a result of the global Covid-19 crisis, many casinos were forced to close their doors to the public, resulting in a heavy drop in activity and revenue.

However, visitors are now able to travel in and out of Las Vegas and participate in casino gambling at resorts and hotels, but levels remain at lows.

The new resort from Genting Group houses over three-thousand guests in its hotel rooms and has multiple facilities on-site, including a state of the art theatre.

The Asian gambling operator has linked up with hotel juggernaut Hilton to develop one of the biggest resorts in the region and executives are hoping for it to attract big numbers as the state looks to recover post-pandemic.

Whilst the spotlight has been on Japan for many global gambling operators, this resort has been developed by Genting Group over a period of seven years since the firm invested in the site.

The resort, which is the first new resort to launch in a decade, is expected to attract a multitude of persons looking to enjoy prestigious casino gambling and hospitality in Las Vegas.

A 10k square metre casino floor is available at the resort where players can play over 1000 slot machines and more than 100 table games including roulette and blackjack, along with an on-site sportsbook for sports betting fans.

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