Unlock the wealth of Wonderland in the new Agent of Hearts slot release

Unlock the wealth of Wonderland in the new Agent of Hearts slot release

The online gambling world is unlocking the wealth of Wonderland in the new slot release from Play’n Go; Agent of Hearts. Agent of Hearts is the latest slot on the market from this leading iGaming developer and takes players down the rabbit hole as part of the rabbit hole riches series.

About Agent of Hearts slot

Agent of Hearts is the brand new video slot from Play’n Go and plays across a unique grid layout with seven reels and variable rows from five to seven. The game is part of a cluster pays mechanic and has cascading symbols for extra wins. This slot is highly volatile and has a return to player of 96.25%.

Game description and features

The third instalment of the Rabbit Hole Riches series, Agent of Hearts is an exciting grid slot that will keep you on your toes.

Everyone knows that the secret to Wonderland’s wealth lies with the Queen’s heart which is guarded under lock and key.

News travels that the keys have been stolen. She has announced her Agent of Hearts to retrieve them and, in exchange, award a share of Wonderland’s enormous wealth.

Symbols drop into the grid; the aim is to get the biggest cluster of symbols possible (five or more). Only the highest win in the cluster is paid, then the winning symbols are removed, followed by new symbols that cascade to fill the gaps.

Multiple clusters of the same symbol that are not connected are paid as separate clusters.

Cupcake Splat

The Dormouse runs across the grid from top to bottom, leaving a trail of cupcake bombs behind him. The cupcake bombs explode and either remove the symbol beneath or transform it into a randomly selected symbol.

Smokin Phat

The Caterpillar blows one to three trails of smoke across the grid in diagonal lines. The smoke will either remove the symbols beneath or transform them into a randomly selected symbol.

Grinning Cat

The Cheshire Cat’s grin appears over the grid, removing the symbols beneath or transforming them to a randomly selected symbol.

The Mad Hat

Six to nine of The Mad Hatter’s hat will appear over the grid. The hats spin and remove any adjacent symbols before transforming the symbol underneath into a randomly selected symbol.

What the developer says about Agent of Hearts

Our designers do an amazing job of radiating the personalities of the characters in the Rabbit Hole Riches narratives, which I think is why this game is so compelling – it looks great!

We all have an affinity for things we know well and that are nostalgic, which is another reason these games are such a favourite among players.


In a highly populated slot category, Agent of Hearts is an outstanding addition to the Alice in Wonderland theme and offers some outstanding gameplay. The slot has been developed with pixel precision graphics and animations that are fun and thrilling. This game offers exciting grid gameplay with a cluster pays mechanic and falling symbols on winning combinations that keep the excitement rolling. Agent of Hearts is a must play for grid slot fans and fans of Alice in Wonderland style games. Overall this slot is rated an outstanding 10 out of 10.


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