Best online casinos for Russian high rollers

Best online casinos for Russian high rollers

Online casinos in Russia and other regions in Eastern Europe are constantly trying to please players with new and exciting games and promotions.

The operators often want to keep as many customers as they can, particularly if they spend a lot of money.

They do this by introducing incentives and benefits that will attract and keep high roller players.

Russian high roller players are known to spend a lot of money on gambling and are therefore an attractive proposition for online casinos. So gambling sites in and around Russia not only provide big money bonuses, but also provide players with the best chances of winning.

After all, it is the winning and chances of winning that keeps players playing and spending money.

By offering high roller bonuses, Russian casino sites are increasing the individual chances of winning from games like slots and roullete, along with allowing players to place more bets than if they were betting with solely their own cash.

Russia is one of the richest countries in the world and there are many Russians that think nothing of blowing a few grand on gambling.

Despite its strict laws around online gambling, Russians still play games for big money online by using casino sites that are situated outside of the countries borders, but provide access by way of proxy or virtual private network.

Therefore, if you consider yourself a high roller player and live in Russia, it is not a question of whether you can gamble online, but where you can gamble online.

Let’s take a quick look at the top 3 high roller casinos for Russians and see why they are currently outranking other sites:

1. Kingdom Casino

Kingdom Casino is the first choice online casino for Russian high rollers because it offers a bonus worth ₽51k and has a range of slots with upper betting limits of ₽17k.

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2. Cleopatra Casino

Cleopatra Casino is the number one choice casino site in Russia for high rollers because it offers such a huge welcome bonus worth ₽345k and has a range of high limit roulette and blackjack games.

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3. Fastpay Casino

Fastpay Casino is the fastest paying online casino in Russia and is particularly popular with high rollers because it has super fast payouts on winnings and quick transaction times. The site also offers a range of high stakes slots and blackjack titles.

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Russian high rollers are considered special players because they spend a lot of money on casino games. Although they may win more than they bet, it provides a great amount of cash flow for online casinos looking to grow and expand.

Online casinos often treat high roller players differently than low rollers because of the amount of cash being exchanged between casino and customer during high roller gambling.

For example, a single bet from a Russian high roller on blackjack may span in to the hundreds of thousands Russian ruble, which allows the casino to turn-over some serious cash, but also provides the player with opportunities to win life-changing prizes and payouts.

In order to determine whether you are considered a high roller player, ask yourself the following question: can you afford to bet huge sums of money on games like slots and roulette and and lose or win huge amounts in return? Then consider yourself a high roller and prepare for some big money gaming action.

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