New online roulette game released by GameArt

New online roulette game released by GameArt

Online casino game developer GameArt has today released a brand new online roulette game and has expanded its table game portfolio with the addition of another quality title.

The new roulette game is European Roulette and plays on a wheel with 37 numbers, including a single zero.

The classic Roulette game with 37 slots numbered 0-36, allows players to bet directly on the Classic Table Layout or else opt for the Track Layout.

On the Classic Table Layout, in addition to the classic bets, it is also possible to select the following betting options: Zero Game, Big Series, Orphans, and Serie 5/8.

On the Track Layout, players can also bet the right/left Black and the right/left Red.

European Roulette from GameArt offers a history functionality that shows the last 30 numbers landed, and a statistics functionality that allows the player to see the 5 hottest/coolest numbers and the landing statistics of each number.

GameArt’s European Roulette is a simple, classic Roulette game that ensures fun and excitement from the very first spin.

This classic roulette title from an experienced casino game developer is a modern game with a classic feel. The gameplay echoes that of some machine terminal roulette games that players love for fast-paced titles that is purely about the gameplay.

There are no bells and whistles with this game and the wheel features a fast-forward button that will skip to the outcome of the game-round.


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