Wazdan introduces configurable default volatility levels for slots

Wazdan introduces configurable default volatility levels for slots

Online casino game and slot specialist Wazdan has today announced the introduction of an adjustment to its in-game volatility levels.

The developer, which is one of the only software companies to provide variable volatility levels that can be set by players, has expanded its capabilities to provide default volatility levels for slots games.

Going forward, this will provide online casino managers and online casino operators the power to set their own volatility level preference.

This allows the operator to be specific about what players it attracts and can customise the slots volatility options by default.

In turn, game volatility can be determined to what they think customers want to see and allow the online casino to tailor its operations towards low, medium and high stake players.

So what is volatility level and how will it make a difference?

Every online slot on the digital market has a volatility level built-in to its game mechanics. As well as return to player percentage, each title is ranked on a volatility chart from low, medium and high, with some discrepancies on either end.

By setting a default volatility level, the online casino is choosing how each online slot will play in terms of payouts and behaviour.

A high slot volatility means that the game will not trigger as many winning combinations, but when it, the wins will be bigger.

A low slot volatility will provide more frequent wins but the amounts won will be smaller.

The volatility level of a game is also used to determine what type of players the casino site and game attracts.

For example, VIP players and high rollers like to bet big, so they also like to win big, meaning that a higher volatility level is more suited. Whereas, low rollers or average casino players prefer the behaviours of online slots with low or medium volatility.

According to reports, by introducing default volatility levels within games, Wazdan will provide its partners with greater control over player retention, therefore boosting revenue and retaining more regular players by meeting their playing needs, preferences and expectations.

Additionally, slots from the developer will still allow players to use the variable volatility settings to adjust the games volatility during gameplay should they change their preference or alter their playing behaviours.

Furthermore, online casinos that are partnered with Wazdan will effectively have three variations of each slot title so that they can provide players with an adjustable casino experience.

Andrzej Hyla of Wazdan commented on the news and explained more about how the feature works:

We stand apart in the industry as the only supplier to offer games with three different levels of volatility. Now by extending that level of customization to Casino Managers, we’re able to bring added value to operators through this unique feature.

Strengthening our relationship with operator partners is key, and this marks another positive step for us and our popular adjustable features.


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