Latest common casino bonus questions answered!

Latest common casino bonus questions answered!

The online casino and gambling industry in general is constantly evolving.

It is fairly reasonable to expect new questions to arise, along with old questions that new players may have.

After all, as soon as the legal gambling age threshold is passed, 18 or 21 depending on where you live, then there is going to be an influx and breed of new gamblers looking to play real money games online or on their mobile device.

Therefore, the team at Casino Buzz feel that the time is right to publish a new and updated segment on the latest common casino bonus questions and frequently asked gambling questions with answers that are current and up to date.

So let’s get this knowledge-party started and put your questions and concerns to bed:

1. What are wagering requirements?

Ah yes, the most common of casino bonus questions, and the ultimate sneak out for many online casinos that often rely on a players lack of knowledge and understanding on this.

Wagering requirements are the amounts set by an online casino before any money can be withdrawn by the player.

Often the amount is a multiplication of the bonus amount being claimed. For example, a €/$10 bonus with a wagering requirement of 10, would mean that the player would need to wager (bet) €/$100, which is 10 x 10, before being allowed to withdrawn any winnings from the casino site.

Wagering requirements exist as part of the terms and conditions set out by the casino operator as part of the deal for giving you free money to gamble with.

2. What is wagering contribution?

Wagering contribution is another vital point that is often overlooked by casino players, particularly those that are inexperienced.

This is the weight, or percentage of each game, or category of games that contribute to the wagering requirement set out by the casino.

What this means is that some games count more towards unlocking the bonus winnings than others.

For example, most online slots games contribute 100% towards the wagering requirement. But some casino games, like roulette or blackjack, may only contribute 10% of their value towards the amount being wagered as part of the bonus.

Some games even contribute nothing. So be wary of casino games with 0% contribution as no amount of playing will unlock the bonus fund winnings.

3. Why are there maximum win and maximum withdrawal limits?

Some online casinos limit the amount you can win from a free bonus, this is known as a maximum win amount. Winnings from a casino bonus may have a cap of €/$100.

Maximum withdrawal limits are sometimes set by online casinos that fear big wins from high rollers. So in order to manage their bankroll, withdrawals may be limited to €/$10,000 per day or per week.

4. I see RTP everywhere, what the hell is it?!

RTP is short for Return to Player and is the statistic set by the game developer as a percentage. The number refers to how much the game, usually slots, returns to player if played continuously over a set period of time. A RTP of 95% means that over the specified period the casino makes 5% from the slot and 95% is returned to players on average.

5. What is game volatility?

Game volatility is how volatile a particular game is and usually only applies to online slots. Low volatility means that the game will pay out more frequently, but the win amounts will be lower, whereas high volatility games pay out larger amounts less often, but players could be waiting longer to land a win.

6. What is a progressive jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is a pool of cash that increases with every bet and is awarded to the winning player who triggers the jackpot. The jackpot keeps getting bigger until it is won. Sometimes progressive jackpots are pooled between a set number of games or across a network of games from one software developer.

7. What are the most popular casino bonuses on the market?

Below is a list of the current most popular casino bonuses on the market from leading online casinos:

– €/$4000 first deposit bonus free when you deposit €/$4000.

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– €/$600 casino welcome triple bonus package.

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– €/$100 deposit match bonus plus 100 free spins on slots.

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