GameArt adds new casino table game Caribbean Stud Poker to portfolio

GameArt adds new casino table game Caribbean Stud Poker to portfolio

Leading online casino game developer, GameArt, has added a brand new table game, Caribbean Stud Poker, to its portfolio.

The Malta based iGaming provider is known for its many high quality online slot games, but also has an impressive offering of casino table games under its belt.

This latest addition will bring the popular poker-style table game to operator partners and players who enjoy this casino staple, which derives from from five-card stud poker.

The objective of the game plays similar to its counterpart in that the players five-card poker hand must be better than the dealers five card poker hand in order to win.

Each game round starts by selecting your stake and placing an ante bet in order to receive your hand of five cards.

Once you hand has been dealt, the dealer then receives their hand of five cards.

Each card of the player is placed facing upwards, whereby all but one of the dealers cards are face-down.

Like with standard poker games across the board, Caribbean Stud Poker relies on the player either folding or raising, which will result in doubling the ante bet.

Once all bets have been made, the dealer turns over their hand, revealing the downwards facing four cards to compare which hand is ranked higher.

GameArt has beautifully captured the essence of this popular casino table game, which is played against the house dealer rather than other players.

The game is popular because of its simplistic nature and easy to follow rule-book, opening up opportunities for both beginners and experienced players to enjoy.

Unlike poker games that are played against other players, there is no bluffing required or deception of a good ranking poker hang.

Within the games core mechanics are the standard ranking hands, including Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind and Two pair among others.

Caribbean Stud Poker from GameArt is a welcome addition to the iGaming industry and the game offers relaxed yet exciting gameplay, with superb enhancements such as fast or turbo play.


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