Best online casinos for VPNs with bonuses

Best online casinos for VPNs with bonuses

VPNs have been used for many years by people who want to cloak or disguise their online identity when playing at online casinos.

However, not all online casinos allow the use of a VPN, so finding which ones are compatible is crucial.

Whether you are looking to switch your choice of online casino, or join a new site, then this segment will cover exactly what you need to get started at a VPN friendly casino.

Why VPN casinos?

There are a number of reasons why a VPN is used in online gambling, many of which are unique to particular player-types or parts of the world.

Also known as a virtual private network, a VPN can allow players to feel safer online and access the best online casinos around the world, many of which may usually be restricted by country or a particular set of laws.

The list below shows the most popular reasons why casino players use VPNs and the benefits of these identity masking services:

– Feel safer and more secure when accessing new casinos.

– Protect parts of your personal identity from service providers and casino operators.

– Disguise your IP address in order to access a wider range of online casinos.

– Mask your internet connection information.

– Change your location IP to bypass regulations and limitations.

– Benefit from online casino bonuses that are only available to specific regions.

Best VPN casino sites with bonus offers

Whatever your opinion or judgement on VPNs, they are now widely used and commonplace in online gambling and many other industries.

Take a look at the list below to see the best VPN casinos online and mobile with exclusive new-player bonus offers that sets you up on the advantage from the very start.

1. Kingdom Casino

The best VPN casino currently on the global market with a welcome bonus package of €/$600.

Get bonus and play

2. Cleopatra Casino

The biggest casino bonus on offer from a VPN casino site up to €/$4000 on first deposit.

Get bonus and play

3. Fastpay Casino

The fastest-paying VPN online casino anywhere in the world with a bonus offer of €/$100 plus 100 free spins.

Get bonus and play

4. Paradise Casino

A VPN-friendly casino with VIP programme, cashback, tournaments and a first deposit bonus of €/$100 plus 25 free spins.

Get bonus and play

5. Live Casino

The best VPN live casino on the international gambling scene with a €/$200 slots bonus or live casino cashback.

Get bonus and play

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