Best online casinos in Italy

Best online casinos in Italy

Online casinos are always trending in the casino industry in Italy, especially after the past year of casino closures due to the pandemic.

But the rate at which they have increased in terms of popularity and people joining has gone-up considerably.

Italy has always been a rich gambling nation and many Italians have a passion for recreational activities such as playing roulette and blackjack, but without an outlet to meet this demand, people have turned to online and mobile casinos at a faster rate than ever before.

However, there is one problem related to increased demand – more casinos.

You may think that this is a benefit to the people of Italy, and is some circumstances it is, such as competition, but long-term it also results in people settling for mediocre services.

Because casino operators rush to establish themselves in markets such as Italy, where there is increased demand, they fail to create a full and complete package.

And the truth is, people in Italy deserve better.

So, without going too much in to the boring how’s and why’s, our team work closely with operators and providers to list only the best online casinos in Italy than tick all the boxes – not just half of them.

The boxes that we tick are a standard we abide by in order to rate and rank operators around the world. By using our own knowledge, experience and checklists, we save people time and money.

So if you are looking for online casinos in Italy that provide the best experiences, check out the sites below, and if you want to know more about how we rate these casinos, read on.

1. Kingdom Casino

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2. Cleopatra Casino

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3. Fastpay Casino

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How online casinos in Italy are rated

At Casino Buzz, we understand that, in Italy, there are certain casino trends that are forming across the country that are following other regions and parts of the world. But we also know that Italy is a unique online casino market with its own identity and preferences both on the ground and within players of all types.

If you read on, you will discover exactly what other players in Italy are looking for in a top casino, and the games they are enjoying at the moment, along with how we rate and rank casinos in this Mediterranean nation.

– Online casinos with a user-friendly interface that makes finding games easy.

– Games that are available in Italian either by default or through language settings.

– Bonus offers and promotions that can be claimed in Italy and in Euro currency.

– Mobile casino games played via internet or Italian mobile connection.

– Italian customer support.

– Payment options that are supported in Italy, including e-wallets and payment cards.

Software providers that are licensed to operate in Italy.

– Fair and regulated gaming by a respected authority.

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