No Covid-19 Jab No Entry to Adelaide Casino

No Covid-19 Jab No Entry to Adelaide Casino

It has been announced today that a major policy is to be enforced in Adelaide Casino, also known as SkyCity Adelaide, of No Covid-19 Jab – No Entry.

The rule will come in to play on the 10th February 2022 and will ban all people from entering the hotel casino that are unvaccinated.

This policy is the first of a major organisation in Australia, particularly in the gaming and hospitality industry, and will apply to both staff and guests visiting any facility on the site, including restaurants, bars and casino.

SkyCity Adelaide is one of the largest casino venues in Australia and this announcement will undoubtedly set the precedent for others that may follow with the same or similar policies in the near future.

The decision to bring in this policy has been made by executives of the company in order to provide the best possible protection measures for all people on the premises, including employees and patrons.

According to the latest figures, there have been over 54,400 cases of Coronavirus in South Australia, 30 of which have resulted in death and more than 1.4 million cases in Australia in total.

In light of the number of infections and potential risk of continuous spread of the virus, customers to Adelaide Casino and complex will have to prove they have been vaccinated before entry is permitted by showing a digital certificate or medical exemption.

David Christian of SkyCity Australia commented on the new rules and outlined why they are being brought in next month:

As one of Adelaide’s largest single site entertainment venues and as a significant employer, we need to take measures to help keep everyone safe.

While we have existing robust health and safety measures in place to limit the risk of exposure to COVID-19, public health information and research confirms that COVID-19 vaccines provide the best protection for our employees and customers.

SkyCity has been significantly impacted by the outbreak, and we have been encouraging our people to get vaccinated at the earliest opportunity.

We would like to thank our highly valued employees and customers for their understanding.

Upon gaining entry to the hotel, hospitality facilities or casino, which currently houses 950 gaming machines and 90 table games, people will be required to adhere to Covid-19 measures, including face masks and physical distancing.

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