PointsBet announces groundbreaking live betting feature with 100% uptime

PointsBet announces groundbreaking live betting feature with 100% uptime

World leading online sportsbook PointsBet has announced the introduction and successful testing of a new groundbreaking online betting feature with 100% uptime.

The sportsbook operator, an approved provider of NFL betting has launched and tested a new ‘Always On’ feature of live betting with zero downtime and zero suspensions during live sporting events.

This feature is available on spread and moneyline bets and was tested during the NFL Wildcard Play-off game between the Las Vegas Raiders and Cincinnati Bengals, in which bettors were able to place bets live in-game without core markets being suspended during activity.

The ‘Always On’ betting feature, part of the firms Banach Technology acquisition plans and roadmap, is innovative and a first of its kind within the online betting industry, putting PointsBet yards ahead of competitor sportsbooks.

PointsBet was able to develop this highly popular feature through the Dublin based product creator that it acquired, whereby its speciality is in complex live and in-game betting models.

By testing out the feature at such an early stage in its development, the betting operator is able to offer a unique and exclusive feature that is undoubtedly going to attract new betting enthusiasts and sports fans in their droves.

After all, one of the online betting industry’s biggest frustrations with live betting is not being able to place the bet quickly enough due to the market suspension or the downtime due to the change in odds in-play.

PointsBet, over the past few months, has set out to reduce the number of suspended markets in-play, reduce the number of rejected bets due to price changes and increase bet cash-out for bettors looking to cash out during live events.

According to reports, the operator has been able to bring this innovative product and technology to the market much quicker than expected, paving the way for spread and moneyline bets to be placed live and in-play without suspension, something no other online sportsbook is currently offering.

Johnny Aitken of PointsBet commented on the new groundbreaking technology and how it has been tested successfully during a real live NFL market:

When we acquired Banach Technology, it was with a precise focus to build toward an ‘always on’ in-game betting technology experience at PointsBet.

That proprietary technology has been developed quicker than we expected since our acquisition, so we tested it out to its full extremity for an NFL play-off game.

During NBC’s Saturday Play-off Game, our customers experienced 100% uptime and no suspensions on in-game spread and moneyline bets, which we believe to be the first ever result of this kind in the US.

While this test focused on the spread and moneyline markets, it also showed a glimpse into the future of where we can take our technology over time and offer a completely differentiated experience when betting in-play with PointsBet.

Mark Hughes, also of PointsBet shared comments of how the product feature has enhanced the betting experience and why it was tested:

We have watched the integration of our advanced technology with increased up-times as the NFL season progressed, and wanted the chance for a full test of our capabilities on spread and moneyline markets.

We selected Saturday’s NBC play-off game, knowing it would offer a bigger handle and higher number of bets placed, and we went for it.

We brought the technology to market faster than we thought we could and created something for our clients that, until last Saturday, no one else in the sports betting world had accomplished.

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