Best Online Casino Deposit Match Bonuses

Best Online Casino Deposit Match Bonuses

Whether you are new to online gambling or are a seasoned player, there are a variety of terms that are used in the industry related to certain activities or actions.

Even if you have been playing for a long time, you may not be familiar with all of the terms that casino sites use and it is easy to get confused.

That is why the team at Casino Buzz are here to provide some basic knowledge on the key terms used at online casinos, which will help you understand casino bonuses. In this instance the term is deposit match bonuses.

There are a variety of reasons why it is better for your own personal gambling experience to understand what terms like deposit match bonuses mean.

For example, online gambling is all about using real money, so without knowing the terms you may be missing out or doing your gambling experience an injustice.

Online casinos around the world all offer different casino bonuses, so knowing the difference between them and the key terminology can start you off on the right foot and rule out any potential confusion on your gambling journey.

Casino deposit match bonuses are one of the most popular promotions that operators use as an incentive for new customers to register – but without actually knowing what it means it is useless.

So let us take a look at the purpose of these bonuses and what is required to get your hands on one before making a deposit. We will also show you recommended offers within this category type so you can decide for yourself which bonus fits your preferences.

Top Deposit Match Bonuses

1. 100% deposit match bonus up to €/$500 free

Get Bonus

2. 100% deposit match bonus up to €/$4000 free.

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3. 100% deposit match bonus up to €/$200 free + 25 free spins.

Get Bonus

Deposit Match Bonuses Explained

If you are wondering what deposit match bonuses are then do not worry – you are not alone.

The answer to this question lies in the name or title itself.

Allow us to explain.

Deposit match bonuses are offered by casino sites based on the amount you deposit (or add to your account), matched with a percentage.

This means that the casino will match the amount you deposit to your account with a free bonus.

So the more you deposit, the more the online casino will match it.

Deposit match bonuses come in all different sizes ranging from 100% through to 500% and up.

Calculating Deposit Match Bonuses

As mentioned above, deposit match bonuses come in percentages from 100% through to 500% and sometimes more.

Also called first deposit bonuses, these bonuses allow you to use the percentage to calculate how much you will receive as a free bonus before you make a deposit.

Let us show you a few simple examples:

100% Deposit Match

If you deposit €/$100 on a deposit match bonus of 100% then you will receive €/$100 free. This means the online casino is matching your deposit with 100% of the amount you add to your account, which will give you a total of €/$200 to play.

500% Deposit Match

A 500% deposit match bonus can be calculated by multiplying your deposit by 5 and adding it together.

So a deposit of €/$100 at a match of 500% will give you €/$500 free bonus. Add this to your deposit and you will get €/$600 to play.

These deposit match bonus calculations are the typical minimum and maximum percentages on the market and you can adjust your maths accordingly to see how much free bonus money you will receive.

Claiming Deposit Match Bonuses

Now that you understand what deposit match bonuses are, it’s time to learn how to claim them.

The good news is that it is so easy!

To claim a deposit match bonus like the ones shown above, follow these simple steps:

1. Click on the get bonus button.

2. Click register or sign-up on your chosen online casino site.

3. Complete the registration form to become a new player.

4. Visit the online casino cashier section and make a first deposit.

5. The casino will automatically match your deposit with a free bonus that is relative to the amount you spend.

Note: Be sure to observe whether or not a bonus code is required before making your first deposit as some deposit match bonuses require them. If a bonus code is required then this will need to be entered in to the cashier section at the same time as making your deposit.

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