How To Win BIG At Online Slots

How To Win BIG At Online Slots

Over the years, we have experienced countless questions from people trying to figure out how to win money at online slots on casino sites around the world.

Every day the team at Casino Buzz receive questions from casino enthusiasts asking how to beat the casinos, improve their chances of winning or to get tips that will tilt the odds in their favour.

But the reality of the situation is that there are no hidden methods to increasing your chances of winning at slots, or skills you can learn to give you the edge.

That is because online slots are completely random.

The way in which slots are developed is based on a random mechanic and games are often independently tested so that they are provably fair.

Don’t get us wrong, there are some betting techniques and strategies you can use to boost your bankroll from slots that we will touch on further down the page, however, this post is not just about winning at slots, but winning big at slots!

Read on to find out more about winning big on the world’s most popular online casino game.

Understanding Slot Mechanics

The first step to take to winning big at slots is to understand how slots work and the mechanics that they use.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to have technical knowledge or read mundane coding language.

But understanding the basics of online slot mechanics and how they work is the first step you need to take to learn how to win big at slots.

So let’s begin.


The mechanics of any slot game is based on a random number generator, also known as RNG, to determine the outcome of each spin.

In addition, slots games use a return to player ratio, also known as RTP, which is displayed as a percentage.

This is a figure out of 100% that shows the player how likely they are to win, on average, if the game is continuously played.

The remaining percent is where and how the casino site makes its money.

For example, RTP = 97%, therefore players will win 97% of the time, on average, if the slot is continuously played, leaving 3% to the casino as revenue or profit.

However, the most important factor to winning big is the multiplier feature mechanic that is present in any slot game.

In the next segment, we will go into more detail about multipliers and why they are the single biggest factor to winning big. Read on to learn more.

Bet Big to Win Big Using Multipliers

To win big on any video slot, you must be aware that the majority of games use multipliers to determine how much you will win in the event of a successful bet.

So the bigger your bet is, the bigger the prize payout will be – most of the time.

But bear in mind that with bigger bets also comes bigger losses.

So be mindful of your bankroll, how much you are willing to lose and only wager what you can afford.

Of course, there are a few other tips you can use to win, but ultimately winning big comes from multipliers.

This is because multipliers are relative to your bet amount, also known as stake or wager.

This can be tested on slots that have a payout metre, similar to online keno, whereby the prize is displayed in a chart next to the base game interface.

Before placing a bet, change the amount per spin and see the prize or payout change at the same time.

Furthermore, winning symbol combinations carry different multiplier values.

So higher paying symbols will produce bigger wins, whereas lower value symbols will produce smaller wins.

Again, this is based on a multiplier, which is a multiplication of your bet amount.

For example, a successful winning bet of €/$10 on a multiplier of x30 will produce a return of €/$300.

Whereas a successful winning bet of €/$100 on a multiplier of x30 will produce a return of €/$3000.

So as you can see, to win big on slot sites is to use the multiplier tips above. You can also use free bonuses or progressive jackpots to win big, but if you are looking for sneaky tricks or hidden pointers to slide under the radar and get the better of a casino then unfortunately you can forget it.

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