Brand new Bac Bo live casino game goes live from Evolution

Brand new Bac Bo live casino game goes live from Evolution

It has been announced today that a brand new live casino game has launched, Bac Bo, from leading software provider Evolution.

This unique title is a dice game that the provider says is based on the ‘spirit’ of baccarat.

In the online casino industry, baccarat has a reputation of being a complex game to learn and play with a niche-specific following of players.

However, Evolution has stated that Bac Bo is a simpler version of the popular card game that is played with dice instead of cards.

In the rules of the new game, the score of the player and banker are made up from the total sum of two dice.

Dice are shaken in four individual shakers – two for each hand of the player and the banker.

During gameplay, both the player and the banker woll their pair of dice and the outcome of the two numbers are added together.

Players can win be predicting which two dice will be the highest in total, or in the event of the totals being equal, a draw, or tie is the outcome.

According to reports on the new game, which is tipped to be an instant hit, players can get payout odds of up to 88 to 1 depending on the bet amount and outcome of each betting round.

In order to design and develop this new game, Evolution has combined two classic casino games and introduced a live experience that is a blend of baccarat and sic bo.

For those that are unfamiliar with sic bo, it is a popular casino dice game that is played with three dice and is of Chinese origin.

The new Bac Bo game, inventive in title, is designed to create something unique and exciting that encapsulates thrilling gameplay in a live environment with a live dealer.

One of the major benefits being displayed in live online casino communities about the new game is that it is quick to understand and easy to follow.

Todd Haushalter of Evolution commented on the new casino dice game launch:

Bac Bo is another unique creation from our very talented product team and developers. It blends the essence of two classic games, Baccarat and Sic Bo, and creates something entirely new and different.

You get the elegant flow and excitement of a ‘come from behind win’ that makes Baccarat so popular – but with the visual excitement of a dice game.

Whilst very much in the spirit of Baccarat, Bac Bo is a game that’s quick to understand. It has easier to follow rules and gameplay compared with Baccarat, with just the outcome of the simple dice rolls to consider. The dice rolls – and the excitement – just keep on coming!

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