SOFTSWISS launches new Player Reactivation service for re-engagement

SOFTSWISS launches new Player Reactivation service for re-engagement

Leading online casino operator and gambling provider SOFTSWISS has announced that it has hard launched a brand new service by the name of Player Reactivation, which is part of the firms Managed Services and is designed to improve and increase player re-engagement.

The service was soft launched last year and has returned excellent results to clients trialling the product that were looking to re-engage players whose accounts were dormant or inactive during a specific period of time.

Clients of SOFTSWISS can now utilise this innovative service on the online casino platform, with the view increase gaming activity on inactive accounts through the use of SMS, calls and messenger services.

Player Reactivation has been added to the Managed Services of SOFTSWISS, a feature that is part of the full-cycle player care and support package between operators and customers.

According to reports, the service will be available in three separate languages, English, German and Russian, and will target inactive players of two weeks or more that may be having technical issues with their account, such as depositing problems.

Additionally, players that have made a large withdrawal may also be contacted by staff via the Player Reactivation service to re-connect and re-engage them with their casino operator site.

As part of the Managed Services and new Player Reactivation service, existing and new operator clients of SOFTSWISS will receive this additional tool for bringing old players back to the forefront of online gambling and in-turn boost player retention numbers ad revenue in the future.

Artyom Rudakov of SOFTSWISS commented on the new Player Reactivation service and outlined what it can do for player engagement:

We always strive for a better interaction with players, which allows our clients not to worry about emerging issues and to focus on the development of their business.

This is why each SOFTSWISS Managed Services department is clearly aware of its responsibilities. This makes it possible to interact with the players as efficiently as possible and not to spread ourselves too thin in the process.

As the number of clients and requests grew, we realised that having a separate team dedicated to player reactivation would help us concentrate on players the client had already acquired.

We understand how important this part of the player pool is, so the focus of the Player Reactivation team is a targeted and personalised approach to each player.

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