UK Betting Odds Fluctuate as Under-Fire Johnson Won’t Comment on Partygate

UK Betting Odds Fluctuate as Under-Fire Johnson Won't Comment on Partygate

Wednesday is always an eventful day in British politics as the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces a barrage of questions in regards to the recent ‘Partygate’ scandal involving a series of ‘meetings’ during Covid-19 restrictions.

In light of this, political betting odds have fluctuated considerably at major sportsbook sites in the United Kingdom, with hot markets including Johnson’s exit date and bets being placed on the next UK Prime Minster.

Will Boris Johnson resign?

In the latest PMQs that took place earlier today, the current PM admitted that he will resign if he is found to have misled the British parliament in relation to the alleged parties that were suggested to have taken place at Number 10.

An investigation in to the allegations is currently taking place, which resulted in Boris Johnson stating that he can’t comment further on the matter as leader of the opposition Keir Starmer grilled the Prime Minister from the dispatch box.

So what are the bookies saying?

Well, according to the latest shift in betting odds and patterns, Boris Johnson is odds-on to exit as Prime Minister and leader of the UK Conservative party at 1/6 for 2022, which suggests that Johnson is unlikely to ride the current political storm scandal.

Johnson is also very unlikely to lead the party in to the next General Election at ‘not’ odds of 1/7, which in conjunction with his exit market betting does not look too good for the UK PM.

With plenty of names in the hat, there are just a few serious suggestions as to who Boris Johnson’s replacement could be as both the next permanent Conservative leader and next UK Prime Minister.

Online betting sites currently have Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer since February 2020, as favourite at 11/8, with Foreign Secretary Liz Truss in second place at 9/2 and Chair of the Health and Social Care Select Committee Jeremy Hunt as third favourite.

However, odds have considerably shifted for leader of the opposition Keir Starmer becoming the next Prime Minister at 10/1, after Starmer said earlier today in PMQs:

“Does the Prime Minister really not understand the damage his behaviour is doing to our country?

The Prime Minister’s continual defence is ‘wait for the Sue Gray report’.

His spokesperson has repeatedly stated that means the full report, not parts of the report, not a summary of the report, not an edited copy. So, can the Prime Minister confirm that he will publish the full Sue Gray report as he receives it?”

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