How To Play Live Blackjack With Simple Strategies

How To Play Live Blackjack With Simple Strategies

Online blackjack is still one of the most popular casino games played around the world in 2022.

However, there are still plenty of players that aren’t maximising their gameplay with a strategy.

Deploying a blackjack strategy provides some players with a clearer vision of how they want to play the game and gives a better indication of the betting patterns and outcomes of each betting round.

Before we get in to the possible live blackjack strategies being deployed in the modern game, let us cover the basics to make sure there’s nothing missing.

Live Blackjack Basics

Live blackjack, depending on the variant being played, plays exactly the same as standard online blackjack and blackjack games found in casinos.

The game starts with players making bets on the table, followed by the dealer dealing 2 cards to the player and 2 cards to herself. 1 of the dealers cards is placed face down and the other is placed face up.

Assuming you understand how cards are scored in live blackjack, a player must make the first decision of the betting round by standing, hitting, surrendering, doubling down or splitting.

The dealer must make the same decision, but her decision is made after the player.

Many live blackjack games set out house rules that force the dealer to make a decision based on the total of her hand, such as hitting on 16 or less and standing on 17 or more up to a maximum of 21.

Any total over 21 in live blackjack will bust the hand and the bet is immediately lost.

In order to win in live blackjack, your hand total must be higher than the dealers without busting.

One common misconception in standard online blackjack and its live counterpart is that in order to win you must get blackjack or a total of 21. But this is not true and the player can win simply by playing smart and beating the dealers hand total.

This is why strategies are deployed in live blackjack and in the next section we will show you how to deploy a strategy that increases your chances of winning.

We’ll also touch on how you can reduce the house-edge. So keep reading to find out more.

Simple Strategies For Live Blackjack

Knowing how to deploy a strategy in blackjack can be the difference between winning and losing.

By learning some tips and techniques, you can reduce the house edge and maintain a healthy bankroll.

It’s worth noting that strategies are not always complicated and the simplest of betting patterns can be called a strategy.

So clear your mind of crazy thoughts involving casino-busting card counting movies and observe the following live blackjack strategies for the modern game in 2022.

1. Hard 11 Double-Down

If you are dealt a hard 11 hand, always double-down to win more money, unless the dealer has an Ace card, whereby hitting is more advantageous.

2. Aces and Eights Pair Split

Always split a pair of Aces or Eights regardless of what the dealers face-up card is.

3. DO NOT Split Tens or Fives

Not splitting Tens or Fives provides a better chance of winning the betting round overall.

4. Hard 12 Hit

If the dealers face-up card is a 2 or 3 and you are dealt a hard 12 – always proceed to hit rather than losing your nerve in fear of busting the hand.

5. Double-Down 10

If you are dealt a 10 in any combination of your two cards and the dealers face-up card is 9 or less, double-down as you are the favourite to take the hand.

6. Double-Down 8

If the dealers face-up card is 5 or 6 and you are dealt a total of 8 from your two cards – double-down as the odds are in your favour.

7. Ignore Insurance

In the long-term, placing insurance bets will lose you money and eat in to your bankroll. Depending on your bet amount, you should ignore insurance bets when offered because the odds paid out on insurance is less than if the dealer actually has blackjack.

By knowing how to deploy a strategy in live blackjack you can reduce the house-edge by as much as 7%.

Some people call following a strategy common sense, but that is usually only after they have mastered the game.

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