N1 Partners Group links-up with Jackpot Aggregator by SoftSwiss

N1 Partners Group links-up with Jackpot Aggregator by SoftSwiss

It has been announced today that N1 Partners Group has linked up with Jackpot Aggregator, SoftSwiss’ virtual jackpot system with configurable jackpot templates in a new agreement that will solidify the partnership.

The partnership between the two companies will see the providers virtual jackpot system connected to the operators N1 Bet casino, which operates under the operators Curacao licence and will allow multiple cross-branded casinos to participate in the campaign.

N1 Partners Group currently operates multiple casino sites, three of which will be immediately connected to the Jackpot Aggregator by SoftSwiss, including N1 Bet, Joo Casino and Fight Club.

The global jackpot, which all casino brands are participating in, is generated and played by casino players at these sites.

Working in a similar way to network jackpots and progressive jackpots, this jackpot system is designed to boost player engagement, involvement and loyalty among registered members.

Additionally, players and bettors have a great opportunity to win larger amounts of cash from playing participating games within the jackpot pool.

The way in which this system works is configured so that all wagers from each casino is pooled in to one global jackpot – similar to that of a pooled progressive jackpot from some other software development brands.

However, the major benefit of the Jackpot Aggregator is that it allows operators to ‘seamlessly’ build their own jackpots within specific casino brands, much like N1 Partners Group will be doing following this link-up.

The system is also feature-rich, allowing casinos, providers and aggregators to utilise the range of tools, such as jackpot templates, game mechanics and customisations options, along with wagering requirements and unlimited concurrent jackpots.

Yaroslav Laptev of N1 Partners Group commented on the firms jackpot partnership:

Connecting to the comprehensive SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator solution allows our players to participate in jackpots by playing their favourite games from different game providers.

This has a positive effect on gaming activity on our projects and attracts a new audience.

Aliaksei Douhin of Jackpot Aggregator by SoftSwiss also shared comments on the agreement:

Despite the recent launch of the SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator the solution has already generated a lot of interest in the iGaming community.

I am delighted that in the case of N1 Partners Group, we have been able to launch and organise several projects so quickly, which can now take advantage of the Jackpot Aggregator.

Our product opens up unlimited opportunities not only for casinos that have joined the global jackpot but also for the players participating in it.

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