‘Storyteller’ Caesars Sportsbook Excited For Super Bowl LVI Debut

Storyteller Caesars Sportsbook Excited For Super Bowl LVI Debut

Leading online sportsbook operator Caesars Sportsbook, part of Caesars Entertainment, has stated that it is excited to be making its Super Bowl advertising debut during this year’s Super Bowl LVI event that takes place on Sunday 13th February 2022.

The leading betting provider will be running a 30 second commercial during the second quarter of the biggest American Football game of the season.

Caesars has rolled out a ‘star studded’ cast to star in the campaign, including American actor, comedian and writer JB Smoove and American actress Halle Berry who has starred in Catwoman, Swordfish and Monster’s Ball.

The Mannings are also starring in the ad, which will introduce Caesars Sportsbook’s new feature Caesar and Cleo.

According to reports, the online betting operator is set to use the advertisement to entertain and tell a story that blends family with fun and football to one of the largest audiences of a single sporting event in the world.

This campaign is set to be iconic and Caesars is hoping that it will get people talking about the brand and the ad in the days that follow.

Additionally, director Stacy Wall and Jeff Kling were brought on board to bring the advert to life through a wealth of experience in commercials for Ladbrokes, Uber Eats, ESPN and Nike.

What’s more, along with advertising in the middle of the 2022 Super Bowl LVI, Caesars Sportsbook will also be running two more commercials during Super Bowl weekend that highlights the operators commitment to responsible gaming and informing users to have fun whilst gambling responsibly.

During and after the commercial, the sportsbook can be poised for an influx of users that will be flocking to the operators online and mobile offering, which is live in 22 different jurisdictions, offering a wide range of sports betting markets on NFL, pre-match and live, including for Super Bowl LVI.

Sharon Otterman of Caesars commented on the announcement and explained the operators vision for the commercial:

Caesar is ready for his Super Bowl debut alongside Cleo and the ultimate football family, the Mannings.

We’re an entertainment company first and foremost, but we are also storytellers, and this commercial gives us the unique opportunity to highlight family, fun, and football on the world’s biggest stage.

We’re excited to debut the next episode of our iconic campaign and hope it will be the topic of conversation on Monday after the game.

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