Sports Interaction is aligned perfectly with Entain’s ambitions

Sports Interaction is aligned perfectly with Entain's ambitions

Entain, the leading betting and gaming corporation has very recently taken over Avid Gaming in an acquisition deal worth in the region of $236 million.

The deal includes leading Canadian sports betting and gaming brand, Sports Interaction, based in Jersey of the Channel Islands, which Entain states is ‘aligned perfectly’ with the company’s ambitions.

Canada is currently one of the fastest growing online betting and gaming markets in the world at the moment and Entain is looking to use the take-over to drive growth in this lucrative market.

The operator has also applied for an Ontario licence, which will allow the brand to grow and expand its footprint even further in to the market as part of Entain’s growth and sustainability strategy.

According to reports, the acquisition that sees the take-over of Sports Interaction is ‘highly complimentary’ to the Entain portfolio, particularly in Canada, where brands such as bwin and Party have a solid reputation and strong presence.

In light of this, the current chief executive officer of Avid Gaming, Will Golby, will move to the Entain Group along with other team members.

Additionally, this combined business strategy will provide new and existing customers with an increased game offering that is engaging and innovative.

What’s more, as part of the agreement, the operator group will continue to provide online betting and gaming services to Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke, where one of the operators offices are located; Mohawk Territory.

Jette Nygaard-Andersen of Entain commented on the acquisition:

Sports Interaction is the leading Canadian sports betting and gaming brand and is aligned perfectly with our own ambitions of great customer service and ambitious growth, coupled with an unwavering commitment to sustainability.

It is highly complementary to our existing operations in Canada, and the combination of its local expertise and Entain’s powerful platform will provide customers with an unrivalled range of exciting and engaging products in this fast-growing market. We look forward to welcoming Will Golby and his team to Entain.

Investing in the communities where we operate is a key pillar of Entain’s sustainability strategy. We are therefore delighted to be supporting the Mohawk Online socio-economic initiative.

Will Golby of Avid Gaming also shared comments on the take-over and what it means for him and his team:

We are delighted to be joining forces with Entain, which is an exceptional company combining world-class brands, strong leadership and a winning strategy.

It has a unique approach to local markets, and no other company of its scale consistently delivers so many well-executed, localised approaches to the same level of customisation and detail.

Entain’s commitment to sustainability, responsible gaming and community investment aligns exactly with our own business philosophy, and we look forward to a bright future together.

In light of the takeover of Avid Gaming, Entain will continue to ‘positively contribute’ to communities where it is operating, including with Mohawk Online.

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