Esports betting site Luckbox launches affiliate marketing strategy

Esports betting site Luckbox launches affiliate marketing strategy

Leading esports betting site Luckbox, part of the Real Luck Group, has today announced that it has restarted its affiliate marketing activity in a bid to boost player acquisition rates.

The operator has outlined the importance of affiliate partnerships and proprietary data models being crucial for player acquisition in European and South American markets.

According to reports, this move is the next step of the operators player acquisition strategy as it looks to scale player marketing efforts by focusing on feedback and data from the initial phase.

By signing new partnership agreements with a number of affiliate marketing networks, the Real Luck Group is looking to increase player traffic to Luckbox, the online betting platform specialising in Esports, regular sports and real money casino games.

Additionally, as well as boosting player acquisition numbers, the operator is envisaging a rise in the quality of new customers to the betting platform with a view of increasing deposits and revenue.

What’s more, the operator has praised such marketing arrangements in the past and will look to continuously monitor, analyse and test data to maximise its budget.

For the first time since the company was established, Luckbox is embarking on a push to take its business to the next level, which in turn will allow the operator to grow and undertake more agreements with additional affiliate networks, focusing on player base and revenue increases.

Mike Bazzi of Luckbox commented on the move:

Working with more of the world’s leading affiliate networks is the next phase of our roadmap to attract quality new users to our betting platform.

This is a known, strong-value acquisition channel with which myself and the team have experienced success in the past.

Our efforts will be focused on key markets and regions, and we will continually test, analyse, and fine-tune in order to maximize our marketing spend return.

This builds upon our efforts last year to calibrate our bespoke, next-generation wagering platform, culminating in the addition of casino in December, within the time-frame we outlined.

We are now embarking on a meaningful player acquisition marketing strategy for the first time in the Company’s history.

Our superior business intelligence infrastructure allows us, during this initial phase, to continually monitor this proven acquisition channel, with the aim of optimizing our ROI as we scale to work with more affiliate sites and networks.

Our goal is to increase our player base and revenues as quickly as possible and begin sharing KPIs with our shareholders to underline the value of the work we have been doing.

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