Affilka partners with The Phone Casino operator Small Screen Casinos

Affilka partners with The Phone Casino operator Small Screen Casinos

The online affiliate marketing platform by SoftSwiss, Affilka, has announced that it has partnered with UK licensed operator The Phone Casino, part of Small Screen Casinos.

The partnership between the two firms will see the operator, who has permission from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, utilise the affiliate marketing platform as part of its online marketing strategy to increase player acquisition numbers.

Along with strengthening the operators brand, the deal will also open up new opportunities and avenues to attract new depositing players from in around active jurisdictions.

According to reports, the operator will be using a number of tools from the platform, including reporting and profit and loss tracking, along with expanding to the Affilka payment solution in the coming months.

Affilka is a leading online marketing platform for affiliates that enables casino operators to work closely with partner sites for promotion and marketing opportunities.

Affiliate partners will now be able to market and promote The Phone Casino brand through the system that is customised and tailored to each client partner.

In light of this, the operator will be able to structure and organised its affiliate marketing activities based on its own business needs, whilst collecting vital information and data from players to enhance and optimise its marketing strategy.

The Phone Casino will now have at its disposal some of the most advanced affiliate marketing tools on the market, including integrated payments, partner and player reports, marketing material management and flexible commission structures among others.

Taj Ratta of Small Screen Casinos commented on the partnership with Affilka:

We are proud to announce the evolution of our bespoke platform, by integrating with SOFTSWISS and Affilka. SSC is now able to offer affiliates the chance to participate and promote our product in multiple markets.

The Affilka platform gives our partners transparency and further allows them to leverage SSC’s successes and by giving them a real competitive edge when promoting SSC’s brands.

Anastasiya Baravaya of Affilka also commented on the link-up with The Phone Casino operator:

I am pleased to announce that The Phone Casino and Affilka are launching the Small Screen Casinos affiliate program, which will be a great and effective tool for casino development and growth.

Affilka offers user-friendly and easy-to-use affiliate and player solutions. With our platform, The Phone Casino will be able to analyse player behaviour and use this knowledge to drive their business.

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