New Freebet Booster feature added to SOFTSWISS Sportsbook

New Freebet Booster feature added to SOFTSWISS Sportsbook

Leading online gambling provider SOFTSWISS has announced that it has added a new Freebet Booster feature to its innovative sportsbook solution that is designed to gamify the process and experience.

This exciting new feature has been added to the platform to boost player loyalty and engagement through more attractive functionality that is both entertaining and rewarding.

Freebet Booster is now readily available to online betting operator partners and has been added to the platform alongside an array of existing bettor rewards, including Hunting bonus, Comboboost and Freebet variants OnlyWin, AllWin and No Risk.

According to reports, this advanced sports betting feature has been created to ‘multiply’ the assigned players freebet bonuses and will be provided in conjunction to standard free bets within a customers account.

Additionally, customers can ‘opt in’ to receive the Freebet Booster, or be opted out as default, providing more freedom and control over loyalty rewards, whereby those that do take advantage of the Freebet Booster will get from one to five additional freebets.

As this feature is flexible and innovative, gambling operator partners of SOFTSWISS can decide how many freebet bonuses a bettor will receive once activated via their personal user interface.

What’s more, the feature can be pre-defined by the operator so that they entire process is streamlined on the front-end and bettors can immediately see the number of freebets they have been awarded and use them on a variety of sporting markets.

The new Freebet Booster is just one of the reasons why the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook solution is extremely popular with gambling operators all over the world. The sportsbook platform is feature-rich with extensive tools for both operators and bettors, who are able to bet on more than 180 different sports across over 22k live events every month.

Furthermore, the provider is constantly and consistently looking to enhance the betting and gaming experiences of its products and platforms to remain a leading brand within its active industries.

Alexander Kamenetskyi of SOFTSWISS commented on the new feature launch and what it means for the company, operators and bettors alike:

The SOFTSWISS Sportsbook has a number of advantages as a flexible online sports betting solution for both operators and players. We are constantly working to develop our product to reflect the latest requirements of the iGaming industry.

Therefore, the launch of the new bonus will be great news for all those who would like to bring gamification elements to their betting sites.

Freebet Booster will be appreciated by those players who value interactive and dynamic gameplay. And that is certainly the majority of casino and betting site visitors.

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