Best Online Casinos With Bank Transfer 2022

Best Online Casinos With Bank Transfer 2022

Playing real money casino games online using your bank account for direct deposit transfers is one of the oldest and most secure methods in the business.

It’s extremely easy to do and allows your bank to automatically communicate with your online casino so that transactions are carried out quickly and efficiently.

When using a bank account to deposit at any casino site, you can rest assured that your money is safe and will minimise the risk of fraud due to the secure processes in place.

For this reason, thousands of casino players around the world choose to deposit with bank as a first port of call.

The only issue is that not all online casinos accept direct bank deposits, despite accepting card payments linked to the same bank account.

That is why the team at Casino Buzz have put together this informative guide to bank transfer casinos in 2022, to bring our readers a list of the best and up-to-date operators accepting this payment method for both deposits and withdrawals.

Read on to find out which casino sites are the best for bank transfers where you live and learn the benefits and pitfalls of this long-established method.

Top Casino Sites That Accept Bank Transfers

In the online casino industry, depositing money via a bank account is popular and is often labelled differently depending on which site you play at. Some of the terms used to describe bank transfers include; bank payment, bank wire, wire transfer and credit transfer.

The bottom line is that a bank account is used to send money to and from an online casino so that you can play games for real money.

But as mentioned above, not all online casinos accept this direct banking method.

So our team has compiled the list below of the top casino sites so far this year that accept your local bank account:

1. Casino

Bank transfer deposit and get a €/$500 first deposit bonus.

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2. Cleopatra Casino

Bank transfer deposit and get a massive €/$4000 deposit-match bonus.

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3. Kingdom Casino

Bank transfer deposit and get €/$600 welcome bonus across three deposits.

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Benefits of Bank Transfer Casinos

There are many benefits to playing at bank transfer casinos in 2022, including:

– Bank transfer is a payment method that is widely used around the world at online casinos.

– Payments are processed quickly and efficiently.

– Deposits and withdrawals are safe and secure.

– There is less chance of fraud or being scammed.

– Bank payments are flexible and versatile.

– Multiple bank accounts can be used.

Drawbacks of Bank Transfer Casinos

When it comes to all aspects of online casino gaming, everyone has a preference as to which games they play, which casino to play at and which method to use for payments.

Just like all other payment methods, bank transfer can have its downsides.

One of the biggest drawbacks of using a bank account to deposit money to an online casino is the speed of processing. Although withdrawals tend to be slower than deposits, the average transaction time for bank transfers can be between 24 hours and five days, depending on your location and bank account.

Another drawback is that when online casinos communicate with banks, they require a certain level of verification to confirm identification and minimise fraud. Some players feel that verification red-tape can be restrictive to a players gaming activities.

Bank Transfer Beware

When using your bank to play online casinos, there are some points you should beware of.

Not all bank accounts are accepted at every online casino and there may be fees involved in processing bank payments to and from the casino site.

Additionally, some casinos or banks require verification through security checks that may restrict the time or amount of the payment.

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