El Cortez Hotel and Casino partners with casino software firm OPTX

El Cortez Hotel and Casino partners with casino software firm OPTX

It has been announced today that hotel and casino property located in downtown Las Vegas, El Cortez Hotel and Casino, has partnered with growing casino data software firm OPTX.

The partnership has been formed to bring about the utilisation of the providers full suite of slots, player development and marketing products in order to streamline services and operations along with improving efficiency in day to day activities.

According to reports, by linking up with OPTX, the casino property, which opened a high-limit casino room last year as part of a $25 million renovation project, will gain access to data that will assist with operations through 360 view-access and in turn assist with boosting revenue and guest experience.

Additionally, through the use of artificial intelligence and player development data, the casino, owned by Kenny Epstein and one of the oldest casino-hotel properties in Las Vegas, will be able to gather real-time insights and create strategies that boost visitation, revenue and ultimately profitability.

Furthermore, OPTX’s software is designed to provide casino floors with a powerful end to end solution that is focused on slot machines, business marketing and campaigns that are inline with the organisation’s strategy to develop player statistics and compile data that can be utilised in creating multiple sustainable plans through one single integration.

OPTX is a brand that was created to not only assist land-based casino operators with their day to day operations, but to bring real change to the gaming industry.

The innovative software supplied by the provider provides unrivalled data capabilities that are revolutionising the way that casino properties are run in Las Vegas, America and beyond.

What’s more, the business model is based on bridging the gap and creating relationships between comprehensive data reporting, advanced technology and human behaviour.

Brooke Fiumara of OPTX commented on the partnership:

We are thrilled to welcome the team at El Cortez Hotel & Casino to the future of data analysis.

With OPTX, El Cortez will have access to data that will create a 360 view of their operations. A boost to the revenue and the guest experience creates a win for everyone!

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