Esports provider Oddin links-up with Betway sportsbook

Esports provider Oddin links-up with Betway sportsbook

It has been announced today that leading Esports betting provider, Oddin, has linked-up with sportsbook operator Betway in a new partnership deal.

The deal will see the Esports provider open up its odds feed services to the operator and assist the brand in its growth and expansion plans in active jurisdictions.

This mutually beneficial partnership is a multi-year deal that brings about an engaging esports betting experience between two companies that are active in the growing niche.

Betway is a leading sportsbook that provides a multitude of markets to wager on, including tradtional sporting events and esports.

In fact, the betting operator is one of the prominent brands in the esports industry and has been been building a strong user base in this field for some time, including the sponsoring of leading esports events from around the world.

By linking up with Oddin, the betting operator is able to take its betting markets to ‘new heights’ and bring a range of new events to bettors so that they can wager, in some cases, 24 hours a day.

According to reports, Betway has been a champion of esports betting for some time and the operator is starting to see positive results and growth in this field as momentum continues.

The operator is one of the leading brands in the industry and by signing this agreement, will not only enhance its esports betting experience, but embark on a new chapter of betting that will bring growth opportunities and entertainment to existing a new customers.

Oddin is a leader on the esports world stage and provides an array of services, including esports odds feeds and risk management.

Adam Savinson of Betway commented on the link-up with Oddin and what it means for customers: have been at the forefront of esports trading innovation for quite some time, and we are delighted to finally partner up. will help us take our esports product to new heights, and we are excited to start our journey together.

Marek Suchar of Oddin also shared comments on the agreement and why it was made:

While many bookmakers still put business cases together to justify the betting potential of esports, Betway was the first global operator to see the undeniable trend and the potential of esports from the very beginning.

Betway is by far the most recognizable fully regulated brand within esports betting.

I couldn’t be more thrilled that we will be co-writing the next chapter of Betway esports, focused on an enhanced esports betting experience and user engagement. Esports bettors should be really excited!

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