Who is UKGC’s ‘preferred’ National Lottery applicant Allwyn Entertainment?

Who is UKGC's 'preferred' National Lottery applicant Allwyn Entertainment?

An announcement has been made that the current National Lottery operator, Camelot, is to lose its license to run the lottery in Britain, which it has done so since it started in 1994.

In light of this, the UK Gambling Commission has announced Allwyn Entertainment as its preferred applicant to take the next National Lottery license starting in 2024.

But who exactly is Allwyn Entertainment, what is the firms background and what will it mean for the future of the National Lottery?

According to reports, Allwyn Entertainment is a United Kingdom subsidiary of Sazka, the current largest operator of lottery services in Europe.

Sazka is owned by Karel Komarek, a Czech businessman worth around five a half billion dollars, who also owns KKCG Group, a lottery, gambling, oil and natural gas firm among other verticals.

Allwyn Entertainment, also known as just Allwyn, is a multi-national lottery operator with ‘leading’ market positions in Italy, Greece, Austria, Cyprus and Czech Republic.

Although the primary focus for Allwyn Entertainment is lotteries, the firm also provides access to iGaming and sports betting services.

Although it is not a ‘given’ that Allwyn Entertainment will take the new license from Camelot in 2024, it is looking likely, especially after the UKGC’s announcement of its preferred applicant, with Camelot placed as ‘reserve applicant’.

So what does this mean for the future of the National Lottery and its projects, in which it has collectively raised some £45 billion for more than 600k good causes in the United Kingdom.

Reportedly, Allwyn stated:

[Its application proposal was] judged to be the best way of growing returns to good causes by revitalising the National Lottery in a safe and sustainable way.

The appointment of Allwyn will breathe fresh life into the National Lottery.

CEO of the UKGC Andrew Rhodes commented on the news and shared insight in to what people can expect:

In its lifetime, the National Lottery has raised more than £45 billion for good causes and is rightly seen as a great national asset.

Our priority was to run a competition that would attract a strong field of candidates. Having received the most applications since 1994, it is clear that we’ve achieved just that.

I am confident that the success of the competition will lead to a highly successful fourth licence – one that maximises returns to good causes, promotes innovation, delivers against our statutory duties, and which ultimately protects the unique status of the National Lottery.

On the official website of Allwyn Entertainment, the firm has provided access to a UK arm of the business, Allwyn UK, whereby the company outlines its intentions to become the new National Lottery license holder via the competition being run by the UKGC.

Additionally, the company has highlighted its previous successes and ‘proven track record’, along with showcasing its structure and protocols if it becomes the new licenseee, including being the role model for change, becoming a net zero lottery operator by 2030 and working with strategic partners, along with returning a ‘maximum amount of funding’ to good causes.

What’s more, as members of the World Lottery Association and the European Lotteries Responsible Gaming, Allwyn is focusing heavily on better player protection for UK players in the digital world.

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