How To Bet On Sports Using Strategies

How To Bet On Sports Using Strategies

Betting on sports is one of the most popular activities in online gambling.

However, you don’t just want to place any old blind bet without knowing some background information, otherwise you may as well just grab your cash and place it down the toilet and flush.

Knowing exactly how to bet on sports like football (soccer), tennis, horse racing and boxing is simplistic, but in order to maximise your chances of winning and beating the sportsbook, it is worthwhile learning the tricks of the trade, including low to high risk strategies.

In the online betting world, sometimes bettors need a helping hand, or guidance, to bet on sports intelligently and use the best practices for return / profit.

After all, placing a wager at a sportsbook is an investment, and its only fair that you expect to get a realistic return on that investment.

Especially as many bookmakers around the world simply rely on poor betting practices and lack of knowledge to make a profit.

So whether you are looking for inspiration, or simply want to learn how to bet on sports using strategies, this guide will help you lay the foundations to a better betting experience in the future.

Top Sports Betting Strategies

Finding the best and most useful strategies for your sporting interests can sometimes be tricky.

That is why we have compiled a top strategy guide below that can be read quickly and will not take up too much of your time.

By using a strategy to bet, not only will you be able to place bets more intelligently, but you will also maximise your chances of returning a profit.

For anyone that is new to sports betting, a strategy, in theory, is a technique or system that you follow depending on your chosen sport.

Below is a list of strategies that betting experts are using around the world, which can be applied at any online sportsbook and will cover the majority of popular sporting events.

1. Football BTTS Strategy

BTTS is an abbreviation of Both Teams To Score and is a betting market in football where the outcome is 50/50 based on a yes or no basis.

To deploy a BTTS strategy, you need to research football teams and leagues for likely outcomes, with the following categories in mind: average goals per game, league table position, head to head record, current form, strong players such as goalkeeper or striker.

Put simply, teams with an average goal per game of less than 1 should be avoided, whilst those with more than 1 should be considered.

2. Single Market Strategy

Many sports-books all over the world rely on bettors placing multiple bets that rely on multiple outcomes to be successful, such as accumulator bets.

Instead of placing combined multiple markets, consider placing each of your choices as a single bet for increased probability. Of course, the returns won’t be as high, but they will be more frequent and are more efficient long-term.

3. Double Chance Strategy

Imagine a world where you can cover two-thirds of the outcomes? Well if this sounds good, you should take a look at Double Chance bets, where you can bet on 2 of the possible 3 outcomes. For example, home win or draw, or away win or draw.

For almost certain returns on your bet, using double chance markets on favourites will get you profit, albeit smaller increments.

4. Cash-Out Strategy

Modern online betting has introduced punters to cash-out features that allow bettors to ‘cut and run’ before the event has finished.

To use a cash-out strategy long-term, pick a sport that is highly volatile over the duration of the event and set your mind on cashing out, even if you think you should leave it to run its course. So essentially you are placing cash-out bets from the very beginning and as soon as your outcome appears in a game or event – cash-out.

5. Live In-Play Strategy

Instead of placing bets pre-event or pre-match, wait until your event starts then place your bets. There are hundreds of markets available for you to bet in-play and with real-time streaming, commentary and statistics, you can gain an advantage over online bookies.

The best sports to bet on live in-play are football, horse racing, American football, tennis and snooker.

Betting in-play can be profitable if you have plenty of time on your hands to follow sporting events live in real-time.

Top Betting Sites

Bet online with a top betting site and deploy a strategy that focuses intelligently on returning a profit long-term.

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