Pragmatic Play delivers player-centric experience with new Spaceman game

Pragmatic Play delivers player-centric experience with new Spaceman game

Leading iGaming developer Pragmatic Play has announced that it has launched a brand new title, Spaceman, which is the brands first ever ‘crash style’ game.

Spaceman is blasting casino players in to outer space by taking them on a journey never before experienced in the Pragmatic Play realm.

Unlike the developers existing portfolio titles, this game is not a traditional casino game or slot, but instead a new social and multiplayer experience that makes history.

Not only does Spaceman mark a significant milestone in the history of Pragmatic Play, but the gaming experience it delivers is a real-time decision making game with highly interactive features.

The gameplay of this new Pragmatic Play title is simple, players simply watch the main icon of the game take flight on a journey that follows a curving line. The icon can ‘crash’ at any time, signalling the outcome and end of the betting round.

However, before the icon crashes, players can cash-out and keep their winnings of a successful bet.

On the contrary, in the event of failing to cash-out in time before the spaceman crashes, stakes will be lost and the next betting round will begin.

In addition to the unique style and thrilling gameplay, Pragmatic Play has introduced an innovative fifty-percent cash-out feature that allows players to ‘bank’ half of their winnings and continue with the gameplay, albeit on an escalated scale.

According to reports, some of the strong attractions of this innovative game are the built-in features and functionality that comes with a new breed of gaming from the developer, including live chat, leader-boards and betting history.

Overall, players can win up to a potential five-thousand times the bet amount whilst playing Spaceman.

Yossi Barzely of Pragmatic Play commented on the new game release:

We are excited to release this intergalactic crash game with such a social atmosphere as per our current live casino vertical.

The unique 50% cash-out feature shows our commitment to the industry to deliver on player-centric experiences.

This is yet another opportunity to offer our fans and new players an immersive and engaging environment in a simple and attractive format.

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