Spinza ‘thrilled’ to partner with Comtrade Gaming

Spinza 'thrilled' to partner with Comtrade Gaming

It has been announced today that independent iGaming software provider, Comtrade Gaming, has agreed a new partnership deal with online casino game creator Spinza.

The deal, one that the developer says is ‘thrilled’ with, will see the provider supply its remote game server technology to assist with the hosting and skills required to create new slot titles.

Comtrade Gaming’s remote game server, gCore, provides iGaming developers such as Spinza to implement and distribute server based content across online and mobile platforms.

By linking up with the provider, the new and emerging development firm will be able to host the solution on the cloud and utilise the flexible game engine whilst maintaining control over the entire development process.

According to reports, the software not only aids with rapid game development, but also comes with an array of tools that can be utilised to add game functionality and unique features.

Additionally, Comtrade Gaming’s team have built up a reputation for assisting new iGaming developers with not only the software and platform to create the titles they desire, but also the technical skills to fill the gap until the brand becomes more established with a sizeable team.

Spinza is an emerging online slot studio that has big ambitions in the industry to continue making strides and gains in the market, with titles that will follow on from current game creations such as Laughing Buddha, Golden Dragon and Golden Gunslinger.

Steven Valentine of Comtrade Gaming commented on the firms latest link-up with Spinza:

We are delighted to announce the deal with Spinza. Our RGS adds real value for game vendors and puts them in control of their own destiny.

New game studios can struggle with the underlying technology to host their games and can be reliant on other partners, our technology bridges that gap. Spinza are a great new games studio with big ambitions, and we look forward to supporting them on that journey.

Tom Whistler of Spinza also shared comments on the development company’s new partnership:

We are thrilled to partner with Comtrade Gaming and their technology.

As a new game studio, it was important for us to partner with someone who could provide us with RGS software but also the technical skills to help us build games while we build up our own team.

Time to market is key when you are just starting out and the flexibility, they have shown to help in all areas, has been of huge benefit.

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