Betsson Group focuses on quality as it scoops Customer Satisfaction Marketing award

Betsson Group focuses on quality as it scoops Customer Satisfaction Marketing award

Leading online gambling operator, Betsson Group, has today announced that it has won an award for Customer Satisfaction Marketing at the Swedish Gambling Awards, which celebrates responsibility and innovation in the gambling industry.

The award ceremony introduced, for the very first time, this new award category to combat the aggressive marketing activities that companies undertake in Sweden, of which has overshadowed other parts of the industry in the country, including good initiatives and contributions.

This means that Betsson Group is the first organisation to win the Customer Satisfaction Marketing award, which it gives thanks to the web series, Fimpen’s Resa, aimed at sports fans in the Swedish market.

Instead of focusing on aggressive marketing campaigns short-term, Betsson Group has been recognised for its long-term marketing strategy that builds connections between operator and customer to showcase engaging content that aims at quality over quantity.

Additionally, the award and recognition is testament to the foundations that Betsson Group has laid over the past four years with the web series, whereby the average viewer tuned in for more than fifteen minutes a time, a strategy that the firm has been consistent with as oppose to focusing heavily on ad commercials geared around bonuses and quick wins.

According to reports, this was a highly competitive award that focuses on the best practices of the online gambling industry, in particular sports, and has proven that alternative, more responsible engagement can pay dividends.

Additionally, the web series is not only popular for its approach, with millions in viewing figures, but also its strategy of focusing on sporting categories other than the top leagues, such as lower hockey divisions.

The jury in charge of judging the contenders for the awards made the following statement on why the company scooped the accolade:

The jury says: In a world where marketing often equals commercials and short sighted conversion which risks to further increase the ad overload, Betsson chooses to create quality content where the average viewer watches for an impressive 17 minutes in a row.

This is obviously a long term initiative, the show is now on its fourth year, and it adds value both to the customers and to Betsson. It creates an emotional connection with Betsson, which goes beyond fast wins and bonuses. The jury is impressed and hockey clubbed.

Robin Olenius of Betsson Group also commented on the award and outlined what it means to the firm:

We’re really happy to win this highly competitive award. We believe that what we created with Fimpens Resa truly stands out as a best practice of how a betting operator can add value by communicating without screaming.

In an industry which often is criticised for aggressive advertising, we focused on quality content that appeals and creates engagement among hockey supporters around the country and we are therefore honoured to be recognised in this way at the Swedish Gambling Awards.

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