SOFTSWISS unveils groundbreaking feature for crypto players

SOFTSWISS unveils groundbreaking feature for crypto players

Leading online casino platform provider, SOFTSWISS, has unveiled a groundbreaking feature that is focused around cryptocurrency gambling, an in-game currency exchange.

This brand new feature fills a void in the market and bridges the gap between generic online gambling with traditional currencies and the ever-growing cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin.

The reason why this feature is so groundbreaking is because it opens up realms of opportunities for crypto casino players to enjoy the thrill of many new game titles that do not ‘natively’ support the likes of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

As part of the new feature, crypto players will no longer be limited to crypto-only casino games.

Instead, new gaming opportunities will allow players to use the feature to bridge the gap between traditional fiat money and crypto.

What’s more, before the feature release, players would be required to run two balances simultaneously for fiat and crypto if they intended to play games in either one or the other category at any given point.

However, the provider has integrated a hybrid currency system that not only improves flexibility, but converts active balances using CoinMarketCap market rates.

Furthermore, bets placed on casino games will be recorded in the players betting history as fiat currency, whereas balances, bonuses and winnings will be shown in the base cryptocurrency, with rates and active balances shown during gameplay, whereby re-calculations will take place on balances after the game window is closed.

According to reports, casino players using either the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform or Game Aggregator, will no longer be required to create separate balances for traditional fiat currency and cryptocurrency.

This not only brings about more freedom to players, but also increases the number of game studios available, along with a new wave of casino content that can be accessed and played in crypto, despite being configured for fiat.

Additionally, when a player places a bet in cryptocurrency, it will register as a US Dollar bet, with more currencies being integrated further down the line by the provider.

Andrey Starovoitov of SOFTSWISS commented on the new platform feature and what it means for players:

I am pleased to share that we are moving forward in making more games available to our operators’ players.

A currency exchange feature has long been associated with crypto dice brands, which have amassed a big audience for classic casino content.

With the latest innovation in the form of the currency exchange feature, we are opening up our entire game portfolio for crypto players and operators.

We are also simplifying the entire player journey and gameplay experience. SOFTSWISS has always been associated as a crypto-fist brand, and we are happy to reaffirm that position yet again.

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